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The Singular Effect
The Singular Effect  (6 months ago)

I'm digging you new picture!!! If you come to this profile watch their videos.

Lisa McLaughlin
Lisa McLaughlin  (6 months ago)

Saw you guys live before I listened to the tracks. Eddie, Joey, Corey, Stefan and Jim...you guys rocked it hard in RI. Your music is hard, but meaningful. It impacts in all the right ways.

Imperial Crown The Corporation
Imperial Crown The Corporation  (7 months ago)

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David Namerow (Congas/Hand Percussion)
David Namerow (Congas/Hand Percussion)  (10 months ago)

FALLING is a sledgehammer groove that plows deep and hard. No-bullshit, straight-from-the-hip from jammers that know how to mash pro chops and blend a powerful line. (Please take a moment, as I did for you, to look and listen to my page.)

Didorion  (about 1 year ago)

"Searching for a miracle"A1 song.All the best.Didorion

James PatrickSong
James PatrickSong  (about 1 year ago)

Rockin! Great vocals.

I Ignite
I Ignite  (about 1 year ago)

Thanks so much!

Bogart  (about 1 year ago)

Great tracks. Love the vocals. Like "Falling" the best.

Rockgirl3737  (about 1 year ago)

I am liking your sound. Thanks for finding me! :)

Reed  (about 1 year ago)

wow! Searching for a Miracle is wonderful. Love the lyrics. :) adding to my favorites

BBR Productions Inc.
BBR Productions Inc.  (about 1 year ago)

Listened to your song Without You. Loved it. Very catchy stuff.

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Your fan base is awesome and can only continue to grow. I look forward to hearing your new tracks as they come out.

Brendan Noble
"Be noble, be true"
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BBR Productions Inc


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