Ciro Amaral / Comments

GProject Blues Band
GProject Blues Band  (12 months ago)

Hi, very nice music & thx for your friendship.
Have a nice time, greetz from south germany

Lone Wolf Sanctum
Lone Wolf Sanctum  (12 months ago)

Very beautiful , very emotional... - William Thomas Lone Wolf Sanctum

Chuss Laforet
Chuss Laforet  (12 months ago)

thank you! nice to meet u, c.

Sacra Omertá
Sacra Omertá  (12 months ago)

very nice music... bless from Colombia

Aj.i I Am Wyld Child Titan
Aj.i I Am Wyld Child Titan  (12 months ago)

its refreshing to hear music with real emotion!! jah bless Brother in amrs

Daz G
Daz G  (12 months ago)

Thanks for the comments Ciro!
I love your guitar stuff, especially the Brothers In Arms cover... one of my favourite tunes ever :)

Leah Latrell
Leah Latrell  (12 months ago)

Our music is different. I like being surprised when I go to someone elses page. I bet we could pull off a SICK collab. You really are gifted with that guitar!!

BezBeatsBang  (12 months ago)

Great Music!!

Slam Horse
Slam Horse  (12 months ago)

It was a pleasure to listen to your music! You have a wonderful sound! Thank you for sharing your talent! --Slam Horse

Raisonne  (12 months ago)

Loving your sound - Brothers in Arms cover is superb!