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David Jewell
David Jewell  (2 days ago)

hi Brady, "Without You" made me a fan, keep those great songs coming, all the best

Brady Smith
Brady Smith  (2 days ago)

Thanks so much!!!!!

Dawn Pilon
Dawn Pilon  (10 months ago)

I love your music! :) I like how you play the guitar, singers are more fun to watch when they play an instrument. :) I like listening to the base guitar too, the guy with the glasses, he is really good! Keep up the good work :)

Brady Smith
Brady Smith  (10 months ago)

thanks for taking time to comment! I appreciate your support:) We enjoy playing so much and we are so glad you like to listen !

Brady Smith
Brady Smith  (10 months ago)

Congratulations Dawn! You are the winner of the Red, White & Blue Giveaway! Please message us and let us know the best way to get your gift pack to you!

Gloria Scott
Gloria Scott  (10 months ago)

I love it! I love the whole CD! It's Fabulous :-)

Brady Smith
Brady Smith  (10 months ago)

Thank you for purchasing the Album! :) thank you for your support!

Greg Swant
Greg Swant  (10 months ago)

Oh yeah! Remember that show for sure! You guys blew the roof off & burned the walls down!!
The audience choice!