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Eric O
Eric O  (9 days ago)

Nice guitar work, cool vibe.

Jesse De La O
Jesse De La O  (11 days ago)

Good jamms and great variety!

Matthew Wall
Matthew Wall  (12 days ago)

Listening to butterfly's! Amazing guitar here! Thank You for connecting. Rock On!

David King
David King  (15 days ago)

Great music, Mr. Gilmore! Thanks for connecting. Hope to hear from you soon.

Rose and Ben
Rose and Ben  (17 days ago)

Hi Mr. Gilmore..........Dropping by to say thank you for listening and to see what's new on your site..................... Rose and Ben

Carrie Katz
Carrie Katz  (18 days ago)

Thank you for your fanship!! great playing

Jaga Glassman
Jaga Glassman  (20 days ago)

great guitar playing!

TheFiddlah  (20 days ago)

Hello mr. gilmore... You've got some great material here.. sounding good my friend! Thanks so much for the kind fan support, pleased to return the gesture! * Rock on and Peace as always!

Ricky Alan Ray
Ricky Alan Ray  (20 days ago)

Greeting from N. California. All the best to you and your music!

The Glumsters
The Glumsters  (21 days ago)

Hi there;)

GREAT Guitars!!!

Like it;)