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Marquett  (12 months ago)

nice job on tht you know me jawn

TiMG  (12 months ago)

we heard your music and like your craft keep on doing want your doing and big up too you

ZODAMACK  (12 months ago)

YA DOIN' YA THANG. I like it

Sabina Chantouria
Sabina Chantouria  (12 months ago)

Wow!! Power!

Lu de Geelumusic
Lu de Geelumusic  (12 months ago)

Agradeço pelo o carinho! belíssima música.

kurfew  (12 months ago)

thanks for becoming a fan...good shit fam lets link up... keep any out for "Renewed" and "paperChase ft kasper loc" coming soon!!!


INFECTED  (12 months ago)

cheers)) BOOM!!!!! BRUTAL!!!!! \m/

Skybeats www.rawheights.com
Skybeats www.rawheights.com  (12 months ago)

Love your first track!!;-) If u ever need beats get @ me www.rawheights.com or rawheights42@gmail.com 98Cent Leases and $5 Exclusive Trackouts just posted 120 Brand New Beats this month. Also if you want to join our Online Battle League we have rounds every 2 weeks most votes wins a spot on an album with itunes royalties. Keep making amazing music!!!;-)

Donnie Kennz
Donnie Kennz  (12 months ago)

SIN CITY NIGGAS STAND THE FUCK UP ! shit is dope ! ya shit go hard ! check me out yall ! sin city reppin

Young Vett
Young Vett  (12 months ago)

I like your style mane!