Safe From Exposure / Comments

Shrunken Heads
Shrunken Heads  (3 months ago)

Some very cool stuff here guys, love the arrangements. JC (Shrunken Heads)

Ecologyngle  (8 months ago)

"Secret" love the concept! Great vocals and arrangement, So. Fla cheers * Patricia

Serelle  (9 months ago)

Another comment, You don't sound like what you have listed, you are WAY more interesting than them...

Love Serelle

Serelle  (9 months ago)

I love, really really love....fly !!!!

dontrotta  (10 months ago)

great music here, awesome

Piece of My Heart
Piece of My Heart  (10 months ago)

Love the vibe! Great job!

Paul Bibbins
Paul Bibbins  (10 months ago)

Great tunes....with great production and a big pop rock sound.

Sheila Ann
Sheila Ann  (12 months ago)

Nice music. You have a really cool sound!

John Sully
John Sully  (12 months ago)

Got that YES thing going on.
I love YES.!!

Unknown Pop Stars
Unknown Pop Stars  (12 months ago)

"Secret" is excellent!!!! Great vocals!!!!