Snowy LX
Snowy LX  (about 1 month ago)

I like the music yo!
Keep up the grind!

Showin Colorado love!
- Snowy LX

King Colby
King Colby  (3 months ago)

This event artist will be able to network and showcase their skills to win an article and photo in the magazine,"Hip/Hop Cuisine". Also, the artist will have a guaranteed slot in the upcoming Can You Rap Tour Mixtape. LADIES WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU TOO!!! There will also be a model contest for the ladies. The winner will be crowned miss 870/903 (Texarkana), or whatever city we are in at that time and will have a full page article and photo in the mag. So, don't be a square and miss out on this opportunity. Showcase your skills and lets see what cha GOT!!! THE CROWD WILL BE THE JUDGES!!! Sign up for the event for artists and models is $20. To attend is $10 at the door. If interested email canyouraptour@colbyking.com with your name, phone number, and which city you will be attending to confirm your slot, they are limited! Set lengths are 7 min long. See you there!!!

Jamilah Renae
Jamilah Renae  (6 months ago)

I love your flow, never stop bro!

T-Lyve  (7 months ago)

What up?! I'm an upcoming artist From Atlanta. GA. I checked out some of your music! Be sure to hit my page a take a listen as well & let me know what you think!

Yung ZoE
Yung ZoE  (7 months ago)

thanx for ur support fam. but your music is good too

Produced by Ralphael
Produced by Ralphael  (8 months ago)

hot shit! im a fan! if you ever need new production for any upcoming projects, check out my website xmpbeats.com! keep up the dope work! hope to hear u over one of my tracks real soon! thanks

Thakur  (9 months ago)

Your a swell guy keep up the good work

**Jay-G of ThugHouse Ent.**
**Jay-G of ThugHouse Ent.**  (9 months ago)

What up Tho !!! DFW Reppin keep up the good music

Nicki Naylor
Nicki Naylor  (10 months ago)

Great sound!! Love it!!

NIMSAY SHERROD  (10 months ago)


GRINDCITY YMCM SV  (10 months ago)

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