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Justin and the Salty Dogs / Comments

The Nonsense Buffer [ANN]
The Nonsense Buffer [ANN]  (8 months ago)

Haven't seen you guys around for a while. Stopped by to check out My Voodoo Lady. This is some old school blues right here. Digging that harmonica. Great vocals. Definitely Robert Johnson worthy. You guys pulling it off in the 21st century. This is an excellent recording.-TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT

AlexanderMaltsev&FrankensteinSoundWorks  (8 months ago)

I like Sweetwise

Huiya Chen
Huiya Chen  (8 months ago)

You have very good music, I love it and thank you for your music and thanks again for become a fan!

Patrick Spiroff
Patrick Spiroff  (8 months ago)

Look time no see. Good to see you doing well

squirrelhaven recording
squirrelhaven recording  (8 months ago)

Streetwise popped into my head out of the blue the other day after not hearing it for a year, gentlemen that is a fine haunting song. Please record more, I can't hear enough of your site andI show it to everyone as the best blues band on reverb nation

Madi White
Madi White  (8 months ago)

Back listening to your awesome tracks!

Michelle Kasajian
Michelle Kasajian  (9 months ago)

Loved listening to your music today! Awesome!

Bad Analogy
Bad Analogy  (9 months ago)

AWESOME tunes!

Beki Brindle & The Hotheads
Beki Brindle & The Hotheads  (9 months ago)

Love your style!!!! Thanks for bringing us all down home! XO Bek

Maxine Carol Martin
Maxine Carol Martin  (9 months ago)

Sounds great, guys!