Carly Jo Jackson / Comments

MikeWhitePresents  (4 months ago)

London calling today with some hugs and praises for you and your fantastic tuneage. My ears are grateful for all the goodness you offer!

The Indestructibles
The Indestructibles  (4 months ago)

love it.......

TNB555  (4 months ago)

If you're half as amazing as a person as you are as a musician and songwriter you will definitely change the world. The sound of your voice makes my heart feel good. I love the live track. It was cool to hear you interact with the audience. These are the type of songs that help people get through their lives. If everybody judged the music they listen to by talent and content you'd already be a superstar. I can go on...I don't want to bore you though...I'm sure you hear people telling you how awesome you are all day. You probably get tired of it...

Starch Monkey
Starch Monkey  (4 months ago)

"This is Goodbye"....great vocals on this one for sure. Pop but I hear a little Joss Stone flavoring in there...you could really rock some blues too. :-)

Patrick Forsyth
Patrick Forsyth  (4 months ago)

Wishing you a great show this evening, all the best.

marchristiansen  (4 months ago)

Love the way you sing.You are an amazing songwriter.

RizzyBeats  (4 months ago)

perfect voice.! great job.!

Eternal Love
Eternal Love  (4 months ago)

Carly, hello! You have a very beautiful voice and great songs =) Would be happy to collaborate with you! =)
Love, Success and Inspiration to you! =)

22T  (4 months ago)

Wildflower Very Serious. Well Done.
Its A Hit!!!

Lonex Beats
Lonex Beats  (4 months ago)

Your voice is as beautiful as you are !