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We are sad to report that It has come to our attention that we are being accussed of theft and copyright fraud of music by one of the artist signed to an Exclusive five year agreement with our company. This is a slanderous and libelous accusation against our organization.

In our 22 years of doing business we have never been accused of such a despicable act. Nor would we ever commit such a crime. We have always dealt with integrity and honesty in business activities with our artists and clients.

Since we are in the business of producing and exploiting music, and great music at that, it would serve no purpose to steal music or fraudulently create copyrights. And we will not stand idly by while these despicable accusation are being made.

We stand on our integrity and good will that all requests, authorizations and consents have been given to us in writing for the copyrights that are now in place. And we continue to work with integrity and honesty in all of our business activities in the entertainment industry.

Any contracts we have with artist are in effect and still active and Many Moods Music and only MMM has the authority to market, promote, distribute or sell music performed by the artist Jmaxx aka Justin Egling, until such contract expires or is settle in a court of law.

We will report any infringement of our copyrights to the proper authorities.

All and any comments are welcomed.