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# 1

# 1! Uno! Odin!!!

Thank you to all our Reverb fans!!!

You not just Rock - You BLITZ-ROCK!!!

Privet Earth!

Thank you to all our Reverbnation fans!!!

April 2013

"PRIVET EARTH!" keeps climbing up the Reverbnation charts, becoming # 2 rated band in Los Angeles (next only to Motley Crue!), entering the TOP 5 Nationally (USA) and the TOP 10 Globally (including ALL GENRES charts)! Thank you to all our Reverbnation fans!!!


March - April 2013

Yes, our band's new name is PRIVET EARTH! ( No longer SMIRNOV)

The band has also added new members to its line up, so now PRIVET EARTH! are:

Ivan Smirnov - vocals, guitars, piano. Megan Mullins - drums. Shannon Deane - bass. Chris Thornberry - keyboards.

Our web site has also undergone a major change and has become faster and easire to navigate. Thanks to our kick ass web designer Anton Chorny!

Check it out: http://www.privetearth.com

In TOP 20 Global Charts!

Thank you for support Reverbnation!!!

Grazie Rome!

Shout out to all our fans in Italy!!!

- The second year in a row, SMIRNOV makes "Video Top 5" on Radiostar TV in Rome, Italy. This time it's the "Forest Queen" video. Watch and vote here! http://www.radiostar.it/watchva-it-6661

PRIVET EARTH! hits TOP 10 in January 2013

- PRIVET EARTH! cracks the TOP 10 rock bands in Los Angeles (reaching #7) and the Top 20 bands in USA (reaching #19), according Reverbnation!!!

Thank you for listening and watching! We rocking love you!

December 2012

- Finally, A NEW VIDEO CLIP! "FOREST QUEEN" (directed by Matt Zane) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoXDMWKhA80 You can get this single now at http://www.reverbnation.com/store/store_for_song/6896461

What's new with PRIVET EATH! in 2012?

- PRIVET EARTH! videos for “The Saddest boy in the world” and “A Phuken Angel” are #1 and #2 TOP RATED videos on Radiostar TV in Italy!!! Now going on their 11th week in “Video Top 5”! “The saddest boy in the world” single is featured on 100.5 FM in Rome and other Italian radio stations! Radiostar TV was awarded the most interactive web-tv-channel in Italy in 2011! - SMIRNOV is interviewed by Italy’s Radiostar TV on Hollywood Walk of Fame!!!

WATCH HERE: http://www.radiostar.it/watcha-uk-58

SMIRNOV: The Latest update!

It’s now official!

SMIRNOV has signed Major Distribution Agreements with UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP DISTRIBUTION (UMGD) in CANADA (UNIVERSAL/FONTANA), SELECT-O-HITS in the US and THE ORCHARD DIGITAL Worldwide for digital and physical distribution of “PRIVET EARTH!” (through Indie Power)

“PRIVET EARTH!” is SMIRNOV’s debut album. Two songs from the album (“The Saddest Boy in the World”, The Sunshine Never Cries”) were on the 2011 GRAMMY ballot!

“PRIVET EARTH!” is gonna come to entertainment stores in major Canadian cities (Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto etc) and will be available in the retail stores in the US and online on Orchard platforms anywhere in the world!

The Release dates have not yet been set. We’ll keep you posted!

Anyway, you’re always welcome here!

And see you in Vegas at the “Indie Music Fest” on May 21st! Click “Attending” right here: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2347471856#!/event.php?eid=215964085083433




SMIRNOV on Grammy voting ballot!

This year, National Academy of Recording Arts and science has placed SMIRNOV on the Grammy voting ballot for the 53rd Grammy Awards in two categories: 1. Best Rock preformance by a duo or group with vocals (The Sunshine never cries, The Saddest Boy in the World). 2. Best Rock Song (The Saddest boy in the World).

Unfortunately, Smirnov didn't make the Nominations.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us! :))

And congrats to MUSE!!!