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Prince William Sent me a Letter!


Orly Vardy & I sent our song 'Child of the Universe' from our album A Million Love Songs to celebrate the birth of George to Prince William and Kate Middleton and Buckingham Palace sent us both a 'Thank You' card:)!

You can download ‘Child of the Universe’ on ‘i-Tunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-million-love-songs/id584121635 and on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AGTXBGA/ref=sr_1_album_5_rd?ie=UTF8&child=B00AGTXDKY&qid=1354675660&sr=1-5 & visit AMLS album profile page at http://acmrecords.com/music-n.php?cmd=view&upc=762521056125

Thank you:)!

Moon Dog Blues Video!

The Video Promo of our popular song 'Moon Dog Blues' from our upcoming album 'P.O.P.' - with music by Paul Odiase and lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas.

The single ‘Moon Dog Blues' is available to download on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Moon-Dog-Blues/dp/B00EB89HME.

All the songs from the album can be heard at http://www.paullyrics.com/album/p-o-p-paul-on-paul.

Thank you & we hope you enjoy the video:)!

'Cole Porter's Blues' released!

The songs from 'Cole Porter's Blues' were released on 15/08/13 on i-Tunes - with lyrics by me, Paul Robert Thomas and with music composed by Michel Ackermann & performed by Michel with his jazz band in his studio, the former HQ of the dreaded East German Secret Police (The STASI)!.

You can download the songs via i-Tunes at itunes.apple.com/th/album/all-the…5962?i=673596076 and all the songs from ‘Cole Porter’s Blues’ can be heard at http://www.paullyrics.com/album/cole-porters-blues.

Thank you & Michel & I hope you like the songs:)!

Please 'Like' our 'Cole Porter's Blues' Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cole-Porters-Blues/126424677375079

Download 'Modern Times' Now

Our 5 song EP called ‘Modern Times’ with the songs 'London Rain', ‘Not Waiting for Jesus to Come’, ‘Night After Night’, 'Never Giving Back and ‘Modern Times’ with music by Tony Rees and lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas released on 21/06/13 - Download now on i-Tunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/modern-times-ep/id665708821

Holy Land Revisited

Publisher & Record Company/Label wanted for our new 2 albums 'Holy Land Revisited' at http://www.paullyrics.com/album/holy-land-revisited-2 and 'P.O.P.' at http://www.paullyrics.com/album/p-o-p-paul-on-paul/

Brand Spanking New Music Site Up!

We demolished the old site and now have just finished building my all new website at www.paullyrics.com!

Please come and visit and have a look around and hopefully you've arrive as a guest but will leave as a friend:)!

(It would be great if you would leave a comment or two also)!

Thank you and all the best from Paul:)!

Main Music Site Updated!

Hi! Please check out my main music site at http://www.paullyrics.com/ that has just been updated and now contains over 50 of my so far officially released songs as well as concert video’s, interviews, my extensive Dylan articles, details of my 15 seconds with Andy Warhol, the letter to me from the grandson of the late great Robert Johnson and lots of other stuff too:)!

Have a look around and arrive as a guest but hopefully leave as my friend:)!

Thank you & all the best from Paul:)!

My Officially Released Songs

Paul Robert Thomas Song Lyricist (PRS CAE number 497904008) My Officially Released Songs – + Our new album 'A Million Love Songs' - ACM Records (New York) with 11 songs with all lyrics by me, music by Ofer Hamerman & vocals by Orly Vardy. The songs from the album are available to download from good download sites including Amazaon at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AGTXBGA/ref=sr_1_album_5_rd?ie=UTF8&child=B00AGTXDKY&qid=1354675660&sr=1-5 + ‘Crossing The Ocean’ Moon Sound Records (Hamburg) 21/12/2011 by Guitavio with 9 songs with lyrics by me on the album - Crimson Red/The Nursery Rhyme Song/The Tale of Jimmy Bean/I Am Who I Am/ Glory Days/I Love The Way/Sweeter Than Wine/Railroad Man/You Can't Take it With You available to download at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/crossing-the-ocean/id520842565 + 'Bluezy Rootz’ ACM Records (New York) 10/01/12 with 5 songs with lyrics by me including 2 songs previously unavailable for download - ‘Dead Man’s Blues’ (Darwin & the Electric Rebels) and ‘This Train I Ride’ (The Grils) and 'Falling Twins', 'Crashing Head First into a Stone Wall' & 'You Hurt My Baby' (Beige Fish) available to download on at http://www.amazon.com/Bluezy-Rootz/dp/B006VWKPZGhttp://www.amazon.com/Bluezy-Rootz/dp/B006VWKPZG + The 3 songs from 'Wildcat Cafe' - 'Falling Twins', 'Crashing Head First into a Stone Wall' & 'You Hurt My Baby' can be downloaded at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wildcat-cafe/id439802374 + Our 3 song EP called ‘Modern Times’ (‘Not Waiting for Jesus to Come’, ‘Night After Night’ and ‘Modern Times’) with lyrics by me & music by Tony Rees available to download on i-Tunes at -http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/modern-times-single/id483080124 + The 4 songs from the EP 'A Pocket Full of Songs' (LHP Records) - 'Going Down Fighting', 'Pocket Full of Stones', 'Don't Mean Nothing To Me', and 'All the Way from Eden' (Paul Walker) can be downloaded at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/paul-walker/id421400516 + 2 songs - ‘Don’t You Tell Me’ and ‘I’m Just a Man’ with lyrics by me & music by John Lord available to download at http://www.butterflydownload.co.uk/page2.htm + The 6 songs from the album 'Songs of Love and Loss' (‘Over the Hill and Far Away’, ‘Bring Him Back’, ‘Corrie’s Blues’, ‘Masquerade’, ‘Will Ye Nay Come Back Billy Boy’) can be downloaded at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Songs-Of-Love-And-Loss/dp/B001PCFG92 (‘Will Ye Nay Come Back Billy Boy’ also appears on the charity CD ‘Forget Me Not’ to aid sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/forgetmenot/from/viglink) + 'My Angel' (Orly Vardy) appears on the charity CD 'After the Rain' for St Judes Hospice & can be downloaded at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/after-the-rain/id444506193 + The 3 songs from - ‘The Best Part of the Game' (‘Down the Lane’, ‘Your Word’, To Walk With You’ with ‘Guitavio’) can be downloaded at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/best-part-of-the-game/id290116199 The 2 songs 'I'm Just A Man' and 'Don't You Tell Me' (John Lord) can be downloaded at http://www.butterflydownload.co.uk/page2.htm - Item Numbers 1967610 & 1967614 + The song 'What A Night' is from the album 'What A Night Live' available to download at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Live-What-A-Night/dp/B001OB05R2/ref=sr_shvl_album_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1349683321&sr=301-3 + The Evil Sea (The Grils) was released on compilation album ‘Lafitte’s Return Vol. 4’ by Konaki LLC, USA (UPC barcode 845029032324) + 'By the Light' with lyrics by me & music by Melle Johnson was released on the album ‘Sound of Faith’ by Linden Tree Records & can be downloaded at http://www.amazon.com/By-the-Light/dp/B002VGO7BE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1342254171&sr=1-3

Talent Spotlight Magazine

The history of the recording of our new album 'A Million Love Songs' can be read about in our recently published Talent Spotlight Magazine article at http://talentspotlightmagazine.net/2012/03/orly-vardy-releases-international-cd-a-million-love-songs/, hope you enjoy it & remember you can listen to samples of the songs on our new site at www.reverbnation.com/amillionlovesongs where you'll also find details of how to order a pre-release copy of the album - Thank you, Paul:)!

New Album ‘Bluezy Rootz’ Released!

New Blues album just issued by ACM Records (New York) called ‘Bluezy Rootz’ with 5 songs with lyrics by me - ‘Falling Twins’, Crashing Head First’, ‘You Hurt My Baby’ and including 2 previously unreleased tracks - ‘Dead Man’s Blues’ and This Train I Ride’ available to download now at http://www.amazon.com/Bluezy-Rootz/dp/B006VWKPZG - Cheers:)!