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I've been making stuff that's mostly too long to post here

I'll try to get some edits done to fit the 8 meg limit so I can post some new stuff here for you all to listen to. Please stand by.

Let's Go Remixing, in the past.

Digging through the old live recordings and continuing to find cool stuff to remangle. Post some here later. Music is the best.

You're probably not a bot

*wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* not a bot, eh? knowdyemean? knowdyemean? or maybe you are. I'm looking for ears that tell other ears where to find the kind of music I play. There is over 6 billion people on this planet. There has to be at least 120 million people who like the music I like to play even if only 2% of the world's population likes the music I like to play.

If 120 million people provided me with 1 American cent a year, I would earn 120 thousand dollars a year. That's a good living, even "post tax" unless you're a complete idiot.

It's a reasonable goal. 120 million fans willing to pay a a tenth of a penny a year. Or another ratio of fans to "amount a fan is willing to pay" that yields the paltry sum of one hundred thousand dollars a year (pre-tax)! 1.) 12 million fans paying a penny a year. 2.) 1.2 million fans paying a dime a year. 3.) 120 thousand fans paying a dollar a year. 4.) 12 thousand fans paying ten dollars a year. And, because we had too, you know we did... 5.) 1.2 thousand. 1.2k, etc. Twelve hundred fans paying a hundred dollars a year.

(note, I had to edit those numbers down, I had an extra zero on all of them.)

Of course, I have no other overhead. If I had to pay a band and management - bookkeepers, etc. but from here it's just math.

New Album on BandCamp

New Time Travel Jams album up on http://6bq9.bandcamp.com/

In case you wander by here

I've got a track in the Ableton/Soundcloud Beat the Clock Contest http://contest.ableton.com/tracks/986 your vote is appreciated.

Enticing string of letters.

Is the meaning of a novel to be found in the word count?

What the heck?

Hey, if the crappy times can come out of nowhere, so can the good times.If reality is evenly distributed, you stand a 50% chance of being, "About Average."

The Social Contract

"The Audience" expects "The Performer" to manipulate their emotions. That's what they pay admission for. I think that it is the job of "The Band" to get the audience "Laid." This is a subtle art. Requiring stimulation without distraction. But I've said too much already.

Having an iPad means

Never having to say, "I don't have anything to make music with."

Where are the metal heads coming from?

Not that I don't enjoy some tasty metal chops. Why me? Seems a little odd. I still suspect ReverbNation gameage rather than actual appreciation of the noises I make.