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The Band Called FUSE / Blog

FuseCast 2010 Vol. 8

Come on y'all - we got that soul rebelz music! And we just rocked out the Old Bay, mad props to Pat and the staff, and much thanks to all our fam that came out for an amazing July 3rd show. We dropped some new tracks and had the whole place moving - basically had an all-around kickass time with Judah Tribe, who took the soul reggae to the next level. Josh David (their lead singer) even jumped on the mic with us for a song! Can't wait to do it again sometime real soon... like this Friday, when we hit up Crash Mansion in NYC (199 Bowery) - Fuse goes on at 10:30 and tickets are only $5 if you rsvp to rsvp@crashmansion.com with your first and last name in the email and 'FUSE' in the subject line. Come and see us rock out in the city at a great venue... for more information, check out the facebook event (link below). In other news, we're already thinking about the next album - so stay tuned for more info on that real soon..

peace&onelove&soulrock, the band called FUSE


FuseCast 2010 Vol. 7

It's about the journey, not the destination... and it's been one hell of a journey these past few weeks! FUSE was all over the place - Tent State VIII was absolutely sick, and Hub City Revival was a dope show - mad props to all who came out - your love is much appreciated. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for our FUSE fam (and y'all know who you are!), so much respect.

We hit up the bruns this past Saturday, playing twice and rocking hard at both shows. Many kudos to our brother A-tronics who stepped up to hold down the keys at the Health Fair & the Spring Jam, but looking forward to rocking out with the whole band this upcoming Saturday in Brooklyn. Check out this link ( http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124740134206925&ref=ts ) for the address of the loft show - it's going to be a wicked show and we can't wait to rock out with you guys real soon!

peace&soulrock&(one)love the band called FUSE

FuseCast 2010 Vol. 6

Good morning, wake up - Soul rebels and fam, it's the latest fusecast y'all! Mad props to all who rocked out with us in Jersey City last night, and a shout out to KON who destroyed it on the mic. It mighta been pouring outside, but the only thing coming down at the Iron Monkey was the house.. Was great to have y'all with us. Hit us up again on the 28th, when we break it down at TENT STATE (with special surprise guests!), and don't miss us playing at Hub City Revival on May 1st (100 College Ave, New Brunswick) - it's going to to be an amazing event, with things for all ages. All sorts of wicked things coming down the line, so check back in with us for the next fusecast next week... till then,

soul&rock&thanks, the band called FUSE

FuseCast 2010 Vol. 5

All our brothers & sisters - our soul rock fam, check it - this is the latest fusecast, y'all! All sorts of crazy stuff's been going down since we last checked in. Rocked out at Old Bay a whiles back so major props to all who came out, that show was sick! Harmony for Haiti at MCC was a wicked show, and damn can you guys dance - can't wait to see any and all of you at some of our upcoming gigs. We just played DJ IRS album release party, with major props to NYC for the warm welcome, 'cause it was a tight show! But don't worry, we've got all kinds of new things coming your way.. April 16th you should catch us up in Jersey City rockin the Automata Chino at midnight, and on the 28th is Tent State (more details coming soon, but it's def going to be show you don't want to miss). Lots of love to our brother Gregorious Winter who just reviewed our album (if you haven't picked it up yet, you can -and should- on the website...) the review can be found here: http://www.ourstage.com/blog/2010/4/1/backtracking-forward-wanted-on-wax-vii

Next fusecast coming your way soon!

peace&thanks&soulrock, the band called Fuse