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Transcend with Time / Blog

TwT also now on Another Planet FM

Just wanted to post that I got confirmation that "A Haunting Presence" is now in rotation at Another Planet FM. Be sure to check them out. They play great Ambient/New Age stuff. You never know, you might get to hear one of my songs there. Here's the link: www.anotherplanet.fm

TwT now on 1ClubFM

I just found out that songs off "A Haunting Presence" are in rotation at 1ClubFM in their Day Spa (Relax) station. Be sure to check them out. Link: http://www.1club.fm/radio-stations/viewgroup/11-dayspa

Promotional sale extended at BandCamp

For the whole month of August, "A Haunting Presence" is available in Digital format only for $ 1 at BandCamp. http://transcendwithtime.bandcamp.com Coupon code is: newagetwt Can you spare a dollar?

Promotional sale for "A Haunting Presence" at BandCamp

For one week only, I have decided to offer anyone who wishes to purchase my latest album "A Haunting Presence" (Digital Album) a 90% discount at BandCamp. The discount code is: newagetwt So pretty much, I'm selling the album for $ 1. Here'e the link: http://transcendwithtime.bandc​amp.com/ BTW, while you're at BandCamp, would really appreciate a "Like" if you enjoy my music. Enjoy. Can you spare a dollar? : )

New review off "A Haunting Presence"

Just wanted to post that a new review off "A Haunting Presence" can be found here: http://lownobudgetreviews.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/transcend-with-time-a-haunting-presence-2009/ Enjoy.

TwT now on CLN Radio

I just got confirmation that the entire "A Haunting Presence" CD will be in rotation at CLN Radio today. Be sure to go check them out. Thanks Gary for the opportunity. Here's the link: www.clnradio.com


TwT now on BandCamp

For anyone interested, I have decided to also start selling my latest album "A Haunting Presence" at BandCamp. For now, it's just the Digital Album for $ 5 or .50 each song. Maybe I'll add the physical copy as well later on. Also, I will be adding all of my previous albums as well. Here's the link: http://transcendwithtime.bandcamp.com/ Would appreciate the support. BTW, be sure to click on the Like button : )


TwT still going strong at Night Tides

Just wanted to post that TwT was again featured at Night Tides on last week's podcast 6/5/2011: "Surreality." My song "In Seclusion" is the 2nd song featured on Hour 1. Check it out if you can. http://www.kcur.org/NTArchives.html

Latest Interview of TwT from Beautiful New Age Music

Here's the latest interview I conducted with Charles from Beautiful New Age Music. Go check it out at http://www.beautiful-new-age-music.com/transcend-with-time.html Hopefully, enjoy it. Thank you Charles for this opportunity.

TwT featured yet again on Night Tides

Wow, this has been the most promotion I've ever received. This is the 3rd time one of my songs off "A Haunting Presence" is featured on Renee Blanche's "Night Tides" radio show. Very much appreciated. The song featured is "Through Shifting Lines" and it is the 7th song on Hour 2. It can be heard on the 5-8-11 show "Remembering Mom." Here's the link: http://www.kcur.org/NTArchives.html Mark