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Transcend with Time / Blog

5th review off "A Haunting Presence"

Thank you to Jorge Sergio from Artic Mist (Spain) for the wonderful review & translation. Here it is. Enjoy. The original review written in Spanish can be found at http://www.articmist.org/ Music can be purchased at CDBaby. Behind the project named Transcend With Time we can find to Mark Mendieta, that, with his fourth work (and that now occupies us), titled A Haunting Presence, reveals us like a talented musician and with his own musical personality. Without any doubt, the Fact of being fully responsible of the musical line looked for in a whole musical work (like multi-instrumentalist, Mark plays guitars, bass, percussions and keyboards in A Haunting Presence, with the only collaboration of Brandon Strader in the voice of the very emotional In Loving Memory), involves the fact of transmitting some of what one is, as a person, through the music. And it’s evident that the music is a powerful tool of transmission of emotions for Transcend With Time. The author himself comments that, perhaps, To Haunting Presence is his more personal and emotional work until the date (went produced and recorded between April and October of 2009). Personally I would add the word introspective in some moments and passages. Talking about the style, this work is close to the new age and the ambient… but, however, we can not forget that Mark Mendieta is also the man behind the musical project called Subject to Thoughts, more orientated to the progressive rock, so there are other influences, not visible in an evident way in this CD, but have marked the way of creating sounds of the author. Some of the musical referents of Mendieta are, as himself said, Dream Theater, David Arkenstone, Symphony X and Jon Or' Bergh. The CD features a total of 10 pieces. The first of them, titled A Haunting Presence lead us to a subtle melancholy that invades a big part of the full work, piano phrases mixed with percussions and sounds of strings, giving step to other pieces like Hourglass Falls or Through Shifting Lines, where the percussion continues (probably the love of Mendieta by the Progressive Rock and the mentioned artists appears here and becomes more present). Other introspective themes are A Silent Lullaby or In Seclusion, where the sounds of piano (present in any way in the 10 pieces) mix again, with skill, with chords of strings, with the special quotation to In Loving Memory, perhaps the more evocating piece of A Haunting Presence, a cut in which Mark Mendieta leaves some musical space to the voice of Brandon Strader., closing the circle of this work, very recomendable. To listen the music of Transcend With Time: http://www.myspace.com/transcendwithtime http://www.soundclick.com/transcendwithtime ©2010 Jorge Sergio

Update on new album

Just wanted to post that yesterday I finished another song. No song title yet. So far so good. 5 songs completed. I will say that the album is definitely turning a Progressive turn, but yet all intertwined into a New Age/Ambient sound. Until next time.

Another update

Just wanted to post that I have completed the 4th song off my upcoming CD. Things moving along nicely. I'll keep posting.

New Album News

Hello everyone, just wanted to post that the new album is moving on nicely. I have just finished the 3rd song yet untitled. So far so good. I think the songs have turned out really good; however, I'm biased. Well, that's it for now. I'll keep posting.

4th review off "A Haunting Presence"

Thanks to Ulf from Merling Prog for the excellent review. Since the review was in Norwegian, I had to use Google Translator to translate it; however, some of the words didn't translate properly. Anyway, you get the picture. The original can be found at: www.merlinprog.com/nordamerika.htm Washer fourth from Mark Mendieta alter ego Transcend with Time, and clearly the most personal and touching saturated now. The band name is based on the hope of Mendieta that his music can affect the mind, and ensure a more relaxed mode occurs. Musicians who successfully this has sure done something useful in our otherwise hectic life, and instrument here is a music in the boundary zone between the progressive New Age and ambient music. Music to Transcend with Time is both thoughtful and subtle but also affordable original. Thematically, the lyrics deal to manage or overcome life small and large battles and it is real stuff here as it usually is perceived in one way or another. For example, is "In Loving Memory" about his grandmother to Mendieta who recently died. On the track, taking Brandon Strader of vocals in a really good song. A song where the atmospheric and melodic with good conditions, but the music has undoubtedly Mark Mendieta's marks so that it is a highly personal piece of music. Featured Brandon Strader is the second half of the fine duo project Subject to Thoughts that we have under scrutiny elsewhere on these pages. Here is the TwT that is under scrutiny, and the song "Hourglass Falls" perfectly sum up much of the TwT stands for. Beautiful little scary, and always an underlying mood of something uhellsvangert can happen. Precisely this elusive is important to make music more than just another New Age project. The supply of dark prog creates a different atmosphere than the usual artist within these segments can, and we get a sound that is much more exciting than many of his colleagues. Now is not TwT music that one can acquire full out with some easy listening sections, because the music of Mendieta requires much more than that. Should a first full dividends are required to invest time and listen concentrated. Only then can one expect to be reasonably rewarded, as one would not otherwise get to experience all the subtle details that make "A Haunting Presence" as well. Good is also the instruments on this album with piano, analog synths and drums that together provide a seductive and subtle music. The song "A Silent Lullaby" is a nice ambient and wonderful meditative case where a perfectly cheerful melancholy sets the fine and lively atmosphere. Much less meditative's "Beneath" is a fast-paced song that could easily have been framed and a fast-paced film. Also, "When the Evening Bleeds" could very well have been film music, and is a song with repetitive guitar motifs. The song gives room for many interpretations, and such is the one artists' privilege. A privilege which allows the listener becomes an active part of the artwork, and it is the interaction between listener and composer well underway. Good progress is also Transcend with Time to redefine the world of music, and create something that is much more interesting and exciting one what the other artists mentioned in the segment we have heard until now, is really doing. TwT provides us with an abundance of beautiful soundscapes which often are splendid and powerful and has a nice progress. The album is very friendly and engaging listen, with enough prog injections that enough people will like the music, if one can relate to meditative and ethereal moods.

TwT added to Anima Lumen radio station

I just wanted to post that A Silent Lullaby & the title track off "A Haunting Presence" have been added to the Anima Lumen radio station playlist. I'd appreciate the support. Their links are: http://www.animalumen.com/ or http://www.live365.com/stations/archangelariel It's great to find out that my music is being well received. It really means a lot. Mark

TwT added again to Astreaux World

Rick from Astreaux World has been gracious enough to now add 3 tracks off my 2008 album "Through Memory's Perception" to his playlist. The songs are "Cognitive Imagery," "Into the Realm of Quiet" & "Visions of Premonition." Head on over to his sites http://www.astreauxworld.com/ or http://www.live365.com/stations/astreaux and support my music & all other musicians there. Mark

New album in the works

Just wanted to post that I have begun working on my next album. So far, I have 2 completed songs. As to when it'll be released? If all goes well, sometime in the fall of this year. I'll keep posting info. as the album develops. I'm definitely excited & real motivated.

"A Haunting Presence" also available at lala

I just found out that "A Haunting Presence" is also available at lala.com Here's the link: www.lala.com/#artist/Transcend_with_Time

3rd review off "A Haunting Presence"

Thanks Mark for the awesome review. Enjoy. I think this for me is Mark Mendieta's best instrumental work. He has acheived a level of excellence hard to pass. This is a journey of thought through musical magic and the song In Loving Memory which has some vocals is spine tingling stuff indeed. Its hard to categorise the music but I suppose it would come under Ambient, World. Treat yourself to a copy and lay back and chill. By Mark Baston