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King Ellis / Blog


People tend to make a difference in Devils and Angels when they are both angels or should I say gods. One is more disagreeable than the other but they both have disagreeable and agreeableness in their make ups. Thats how everybody is made. We all were made in the likeness of the angels and the heavenly host in heaven all being made by the Creator of all. My blog is simply to break a code of ignorance that has bamboozled us for generations. People are so quick to call someone an angel or a devil as they see fit which is confusion. Either you are the devil or you are god. We are all the children of the Most High and it was written in the Genesis that man has now become just like those from the heavens and have the will to make the decision on who you are. So I ask of you, which angel are you, a god or a devil? Agreeable or Dissagreeable? Just food for thought. PEACE.