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Risotto done right!

Johnnie at Italian Kitchen prepared Mushroom Truffle Risotto last night. Although risotto is on the menu this was a special creation just for the Thursday night jazz patrons. The hearty texture was just right with big slices of mini porcini, sweet onion and minced garlic. It was full of creamy goodness and topped with parmesan grated fresh at the table by our waiter, Danny.

501 Burger!

Great 1/2 lb Burger at King's Landing last night after the Xmas Party. Hot and juicy with that wonderful smokey-char taste topped with cheddar cheese and fried onions. Fresh made crispy chips, too. At lunch, they're only $5.01 when you by a drink. Great deal and tastey;0)

Last Thursday!

Chicken Carchofi at Italian Kitchen after the gig. Artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, lemon and lots a garlic made for an amazing meal with Lisa and Andy!

Shrimp Basilico

at Italian Kitchen last night after a nice gig. Shrimp were large and meaty sauted in garlic, fresh basil and tomatoe and a touch of olive oil;0) Tasty sauce was served over black pepper infused fettuccine made in-house by John! Nice and chewy with just lots of the pepper bite that is one of my favorites!

So simple...

Chicken wrap... lotsa creamy white meat chicken salad, with lettuce, onion, celery, tomato, carrot and herbs. King's Landing does a nice simple plate with a side of killer home-made chips:D

5 Spice Ribs!

Not quite what you'd expect as an appetizer at an Italian restaurant. Well done ribs seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, clove and fennel, I think and charred on the grill. Pretty tastey with an asian flare:P One of many specials last Friday at Italian Kitchen.

Spinach Lasagna

Steven's last dinner at Italian Kitchen before he heads off to college. He had Chicken Lemone, a wonderful stand by for us. I tried Spinach Lasagna. Lotsa home-made pasta, slightly chewy like it should be and plenty of spinach and ricotta filling each layer along with meat sauce. All this was topped with melted mozzarella!


Special appetizer last night after my gig at Italian Kitchen was Shark. Tender chunks of fish deep fried in corn meal had just a hint of cayenne. The spicy mayo served on the the side kicked it up a notch. I love the heat;0)

Italian Kitchen special...

Italian Kitchen special Horseradish Crusted Salmon was shared after our gig last week. Lisa loves salmon! This was an amazing example of the fresh fish served regularly at this family owned restaurant. Wild and mild salmon taste backed to perfection with a crusty topping of horseradish. The veggies were crisp and garlicky. Is that how it's spelled?

Sweet Corn...

Tis the season for corn and Johnnie at Italian Kitchen make the most of it. Simple preparation of fresh corn, cayenne pepper and parmesan topped off with truffle oil was most excellent.