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LSB / Blog

Barstool Blues!

Yes, my friends, another new song! This has words in it... Not mine, just some Jack Nicholson sound clips! It just reminds me of a guy sitting at the bar, going over his life in his head! It's not about me, as I can't remember the last time I sat in a bar on my own! lol

Hope you enjoy my friends, and you all have a fantastic weekend! Andy ☺

New song uploaded- Kaleidopscope!

Hi my friends, just to let you know I posted a new song, kaleidoscope!.... It's about life changes, as it does, in many directions! It comes from some lyrics I wrote many years ago- Changing colours, and changing patterns, this is life, and how it happens; kaleidoscope :-)

I know I haven't posted anything new on here for a while, but I have been working on new material. Many things get in the way though! Life, this place and changes, and trying to get on a decent computer! lol

I hope everyone is well and happy, and dare I say; HappiBlessed, like I am! ☺

Take care my friends, and I hope you are all enjoying life like I am ☺

Andy ☺