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Fuck the pokies!

Well its been a while since i have written (or even read) a "fuck the pokies" blog so here we go.

For those of you who are unaware - "pokies" are the electronic poker machines that clubs and pubs put in their establishments to turn themselves into rich bastards and generally shit on any form of real entertainment or socializing.

They turn the places into neon lighted hell pits were all you can smell is loss, death and piss - a little like a poorly maintained retirement home or my bedroom when I was a teenager.

So if you wish to avoid your local pub, club or dive from falling fate to this insidious disease then this weekend go out and listen to the local bands playing the circuits and support the pubs, clubs and dives that support metal - or whatever shit you listen too.

So in closing "FUCK THE POKIES!"

Support Your Local Metal

This Saturday Night - "Double Dragon", "A Million Dead Birds Laughing", "A Murder Of Crows", "Deliverance We Prey" AND FUKN "Alkira"...Enigma Bar....nuff said!

Were In This Together Now

Being in a band rules - no bullshit. I love every moment of it. To me it has never been about money, popularity or status. To me its about the brotherhood you can only experience in a band situation. Its about finding like minded individuals who you can genuinely create something positive with and escape the bullshit that surrounds and can sometimes choke you on a daily basis. Oscar Wilde once wrote "We all live in the gutter, its just that some of us look at the stars" and I'm a strong believer that stargazing is always more fun with good friends and beer. So my tip for this week is simple - Have a drink with a mate and look up at the sky once in a while and if your in a band....keep rockin and stay metal!

United We Stand - Advice Tips Part 1

I was recently reading an interesting article on "The Angry Fujian" website about how so many local bands are always hating on each other due to petty bullshit and jealousy and it got me thinking - what the fuk - he is totally right! If anyone knows how it feels to get paid fuk all to play a show or how much hassle it can be to lug your gig shit up a flight of wet stairs to play a 30 minute set that some people might not even appreciate it would be the other bands sharing the stage or playing the same circuit as yourselves. Personally I love all the bands in Adelaide trying to make it doing what they love and even if I don't dig there tunes per-say I will still throw up my metal devil horns in respect that they have the guts and integrity to rock out and experience the same shit I have on more than one occasion. So with this in mind my advice tip this week is taken straight from the wisest of the wise - Bill & Ted - who simply state: "Be excellent to each other".