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Last night's AWESOME show - REVIEW

We got through yet another B Michael L event, and this was such an incredible set! The acts were ALL phenomenal - they ALL sounded great, they ALL engaged the audience and everyone left there making some sort of contact or connection. Kelsey Pyro was first up, and I truly doubt she even realizes how much she blew that crowd away! Everyone I spoke to had a "special review" to give me about her performance - she was actually being STUDIED by the audience, and I totally love it! She has more opportunities on the way, as I anticipate and was told folks are going to ask me to connect with her. I met her a long time ago via a mutual friend (choreographer Chris Walker), and everything he said about her talent was that and then some! I look forward to working with her again and again! Staxx Cordero is a self-contained soul rapper, a playwright ("Poor Girl, Rich Girl") and a marketer. When she took the stage, her presence arrested everyone! She immediately engaged the audience and got them involved in her performance. One technical difficulty did not stop her, as her super-professional band was ready to back her! Her improv skills were so together, I truly believe nobody would have noticed any problems if she wasn't so wholeheartedly honest (which was still appreciated). And her rap skills - let's just say she will give ANY male rapper a run for their money. From beginning to end, her set was on fire! Staxx even brought in a guest performer, which was an incredible addition to her set - R&B singer Sonee - who gave powerful vocals and a soulful rock-edge of a performance. On a scale of one to ten, this performance set was a 9.9! Rayshawn Ware took the stage as the front man for the band AllTru & The Starlights. For starters, I will say that one audience member made it her business to tell me he nearly moved her to tears. This brother's voice has such a soulful quality, you can feel his endearing lyrics and his passion. His set was very eclectic, yet the audience truly "got it" and were right there with him. His band members sounded fantastic on harmonies. His set ended with a ROUSING applause - a fitting end to a stellar lineup. The thing that made me the happiest about the event was the great energy between artists. People were truly networking with each other, and that was the MAIN reason I put this event together. Even some of the audience members were in networking mode as artists, wanting to know more about our online brand and establishing connections. A stylist showed up (although late) but made as many connections as everyone from what I could see, which was phenomenal. To see everyone striving to step up and actually doing it was the best reward I could have gotten from putting this event together. This, by no means, is the end, but just the beginning. There are other projects already in the works which began as soon as this deal was being finalized. There is another set of events being produced right now. Stay tuned for those, for my new solo EP targeted for mid-2015, and a slew of opportunities which I believe and pray will continue this expansion journey our online brand is now on (and gaining momentum). All praises due to God for all He has blessed us with! Again, thank everyone who showed up and thank everyone who participated! Until next!!! :)


Lineup for Desmond's Tavern July 18 showcase finalized! Thank you all for your submissions and see you at the show!!! http://t.co/JYnlhBCimB

I'm excited! Thank you to all the wonderful artists we corresponded with and to the artists performing on July 18, I know this will be a solid, awesome, fun and dynamic night! Let's go! STAY TUNED FOR OFFICIAL POSTS :)


We are hosting a showcase celebrating independent artists w their own marketing ability this summer, July 18 at Desmond's Tavern; a relaxed but chic wifi-enhanced location in Manhattan. We have 1 slot left. If you or any soul artist you know would like to perform a 45-minute set, please contact us immediately. This is a communal-style event with no up-front pay, but based on draw. We ask that each act be able to pull a following of anywhere between 15-30 persons (16 acceptable); 4-way even split, 100 capacity, Guest list formed. Great opportunity to promote new music and your brand! If you think you'd be able to participate under these guidelines, we'd love to hear from you. Send a message via bmichaeljazz@gmail.com with Showcase/Name of Act in subject line, and your mail will be returned with all the details (backline info, etc.) and a confirmation form which must be returned to us only if absolute. Thank you for your time and continued success!

Brian Michael Livingston BMichaelL Music (Google); Www.reverbnation.com/bmichaell


Hello artists!

B Michael L Promotions has secured a date for its independent artist showcase, which will be at Desmond's Tavern. We are confirmed for July 18th (Friday evening). The sets will begin at 9pm; currently we are looking to feature 3 acts (45 minutes per set).

This is a joint, communal event where everyone's participation will be necessary. Each act is asked to bring a minimum of 15 persons, maximum of 30, since we are charging 10 at the door at 100 capacity. The door will be split evenly between each act and B Michael L Promotions - the booking agent and purveyor of this event (4-way split), and we will also promote to reach the goal as well as provide you with a digital flyer. Guest list has already been formed. There is no way for the door person assigned to tally the amount of persons brought in by each act, so it is IMPORTANT we follow these guidelines so all acts in question can benefit and walk away with take-home pay. Each act will be rewarded at the END of the entire showcase evening, so please stick around after your set (if you leave, we will assume you are forfeiting your share of the take-home). The more patrons you bring, the more your individual take-home, so please attempt to bring in 30 persons or as close to it as possible. More importantly, the venue has wi-fi and this is a great opportunity to market your online music business via a live performance (& hopefully get patrons to download your songs right away). We will provide you with a flyer no later than the 1st week of May (tentatively titled "B Michael L Promotions @ Desmond's Tavern Presents" and the names of each chosen act, as well as brief description and info), and you can promote as you see fit. If this sounds like something your act would be interested in, please submit the following info ASAP (please do not hesitate as this info is needed for the venue, and only submit if you fully understand the details of this email. Do not hesitate to ask questions in the email.):

Name of Act: Email: Website Link: Mobile Number: (to receive mobile flyer to forward to your patrons) Instruments: Area in which you are based: Expected Fan Turnout: (optional)

PRODUCTION DETAILS: SET TIMES: Set times are 45 minutes DRINK MINIMUM: There is a 2 drink minimum for guests (will be indicated on flyer)

Desmond's Tavern Backline (production equipment): PA System Drum Kit (Bring cymbals & a snare) Bass Amp Monitors Mic Stands 5 Mics Bring guitar chord (10 Feet) Bands need to bring all guitar amplifiers Keyboards and acoustic instruments run through PA If you are using tracks: tracks can be played if you can bring your ipod, cd player, laptop, smartphone from the stage / you need to bring 2 quarter inch left and right jacks and a cable from your player with at least a 8 foot run ("male" attachment).


-- inquire at: bmichaeljazz@gmail.com

for other info about B Michael L: B Michael L Music (Google search) B Michael L Mobile App B Michael L Reverb Nation B Michael L Facebook

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you!!!

Happy New Year from B Michael L Music/B Michael L Promotions (Google)!

Thank you EVERYONE for the support and interest in our movement in 2013. We have made incredible new connections with whom we will collaborate with musically and business-wise for 2014! Our connection to Fender's charity is still in tact! The music showcase we were planning for 2013 to feature multiple indie acts will take place in 2014! (We will campaign again, so all you incredible acts I spoke to before, as well as new ones, contact me or we will be in touch first)! Our visual artist RETXED will have his artwork showcased in an incredible gallery in January 2014! Stay tuned for all ads and postings. It was a BUSY, trying year for our online brand, but our goals to expand our network are proceeding and will proceed. Thank you all again-without your support it would be impossible. As we continue to push to meet our goals, we will continue our mission to bless & spotlight other talents along the way! Happy 2014 everyone!

B Michael L

New B Michael L gig being planned!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that a new B Michael L gig is in the works; at a cool, understated but great location on Park Avenue. I put aside doing gigs for the year for the reasons mentioned in other blogs, but now it's time for me to do an end-of the-year jam for ya! Get ready ladies!!! I put together a strong team of talented personalities for backup. We got Chris Lewis, an actor/model/singer who is currently appearing in music videos and commercials. Then there is Roman, a young artist I am exec-producing now for his upcoming solo EP. He has worked with J Cole and Kanye West as a vocalist for their projects. Then, we gotta have my dude Matee Brisbane, a.k.a. 1Bane, rapper/spoken word artist/producer, and the producer behind my "Ruff Kut" EP. The show will be within the holiday season and at a very low cover, so stay tuned for the confirmed date and time (working that out with the venue now)! I'll let you all know if and when we're full steam ahead!

Can't wait to see ya there! :)

The year of 2013 - B Michael L

Hey everybody reading! I started off this year with MAJOR plans to expand (and consolidate) the B Michael L brand, and I approached these plans with an attitude of "I'm just gonna go for what I know and whatever I can make happen will happen". So, the first thing was a networking event that I designed; creating a street team, and compiling a roster of willing and very talented artists to support the function with guest appearances and promoting their new material. The "hooplah" I created towards this event gave me the drive to get it done. Whoo! I met with and surveyed about 10-15 venues only to discover that things are TRULY different for the indie artist. Before, I had no problem booking venues for private events at incredible speed. But I'm gathering that rent increases, failed prior events experienced by these venues and other financial issues make them very apprehensive to take on a B Michael L event without the "safety net" of a sponsorship or mass budget behind us. Upon realizing that, I began speaking to various companies about helping us with those particular links. I believe something great will come of that, and I'm happy to be further linked to other great organizations! In the meantime, I'm also steadily working on (exec-producing) these EPs to be released. 3 separate artists I'm taking stabs at completing their projects. One artist in particular fought for priority, and he got it (I'm a lot more easy-going these days), I'm actually amazed at how much we're getting done. I'm guessing by the end of the year (I pushed to get it done before but like I said - things happen when they happen), we will have this new material mixed and mastered. Gosh man, what else? Oh yes! B Michael L live shows. I'm trying to do that for August - October (before the cold hits). I wasn't beast-ing to perform this year only because I don't have brand-spanking new material to promote. I do realize to some just tuning in to B Michael L world, this material I have IS brand-new (which is why I get with certain collaborators to create time-withstanding sound). I took somewhat of a hiatus recording my own work to work on exec-producing the other stuff. But the more I speak to folks in attempt to collect material for these projects, the more I'm inspired to release a new B Michael L EP (the people I'm meeting would make GREAT GREAT GREAT collaborators). I'm not gonna say when where or how, but a concept is already forming in my head of a new take on my acid jazz sound I think will blow everybody away! Stay tuned. Well, just wanted to update my closest followers and bring clarity to what's going on in B Michael L world (it's a LOT). Thank you all for your continued support, and I'll be blogging again sometime in the near future!

B Michael L EPs (Google search each title): ~B Michael L Live At The Underscore Pt. 1 ~B Michael L Live At The Underscore Pt. 2 ~B Michael L Live At The Underscore Pt. 3 (Musicfiend Live) ~Musicfiend ~Ruff Kut ~Ruff Kut Live (available for FREE download at www.reverbnation.com/bmichaell) ~Dream Catch Her (featured vocalist for Lullabye Mood)

B Michael L beginning work on next EP - a hip hop edge coming this time!

I couldn't wait to start working on the next B Michael L EP installment, which already has a title, concept and is already underway as far as pre-production! Two songs are completed thus far, and they are KNOCKIN'!!! I decided to take my sound into a more hip-hop direction for this project, still keeping in tune with dance, jazz and soul, but giving it a harder street edge. So all you hip hop lovers who follow me, GET READY!!! I ain't forgot ya'll and I never will. Hip hop is and always will be a part of the B Michael L sound, more in some cases than others - but DEFINITELY in this case. Whatever I do, I will be forever thankful that folks are tuning in, copping the mp3's and enjoying what I'm offering. Thank you!!!

B Michael L for BML Promotions


So I got through some really great shows - both of which were presentations of the new EP MUSICFIEND. The audience reaction was above average receptive, and I thank and appreciate all who took time out of their busy schedules to come and check out the new material! Aside from promoting the music itself, it brought me great joy to dedicate the performances to the late father of Percy Holmes. Percy is my newest band entry, and many of his friends and family came out to support. So it was my obvious duty to let them know what a strong and dedicated individual Percy is - who not only arranged a lot for his father's farewell, but STILL took the time to be part of this band, promote the shows and oversee quite a few of the rehearsals. This brother is a wonder, and I can't wait to begin work on his forthcoming solo effort. For those of you who support the MUSICFIEND EP, you will hear Percy's voice guest appearing throughout the project. His voice will CAPTIVATE you!!! The actual sound of the EP blew folks away, & more than a few have said it takes them back to when people really treated music as an art (and focused on making GOOD music). I loved hearing that because that's what we tried to do with this project. My prior releases (B Michael L Live at The Underscore 1 & 2) have a rock edge and a grungier sound. At least the live takes do. I added prior releases on those EPs as well for people to be able to understand what we're about. Some of those cuts were acquired taste, but I attempted to give those a feel of "real music" as well, blending old school funk with modern tendencies. But the glossy dance odyssey which is MUSICFIEND, I believe will take away some of that underground grunge while still promoting who B Michael L is. Once I get it available for download, you guys will see what I mean! Buy some of the older MP3's and compare. Then give me feedback. Should I keep in time with my grunge or lean more toward the glossy? Anyway, I thank all the newfound friends and supporters (I hate the word "fan"). Keep showing me love and I will do my best to give it right back! Until, stay blessed in all you do!

B Michael L making new plans

Thus far, with the help of a phenomenal band, I've been able to accomplish so much in building up "product" (one of those terms grassroots folks such as me do not really subscribe to, but realize this IS still a business on any level). I never gave too much thought to product and merchandising, at least not now (my focus was always the show - just come to the show and have a good time, no frills). But now that "this music thing" is blessing me differently... I have onhand "B Michael L Live at The Underscore" (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2), which are CD digital collections of LIVE (I mean as performed onstage live) soul, funk and pop-rock put together for my friends, fans and supporters to enjoy (CDs provide mobile media for your car, or wherever you'd like to upload). My closest supporters already have their copies and are giving me brilliant feedback. Some say I need to watch my "quality"(still haven't figured that one out yet) but others absolutely LOVE the grittiness I offer thus far. B Michael L is an onstage character I created - a wild and boastful extension of my true self if you will - that you are either gonna love or hate, simple as that, and he leaves not too much room for dissecting. He is also not afraid to grow in front of his audience. So all you "quality-seekers" fear not! Things will continue to improve as I make provisions. Until, enjoy the grit like everybody else (just joking)! Jokes aside, thank you all for your support, and the sincere drive you give me as I continue this journey! Upcoming works: B Michael L featured on Cedric Munch's upcoming CD Lullabye Mood 2 (follow-up to his smash success Lullabye Mood - now here's something "glossy" for ya). A stand-out collection of acid jazz tunes that will take your mind on a trip! Mellow enough to be heard in restaurants, funky enough to jam to (depending on how loud you choose to play it)! B Michael L guest appearing on King Jabbar's forthcoming single "King's Ransom". This is PURE gutter for all you hip hop heads! King Jabbar is a rapper that will amaze you in his subject matter and wordplay skills! Also features a hypnotic chorus by singer Calvin, and a BANGIN' beat for jeeps. Stay tuned! B Michael L's solo effort - tentatively titled (not telling you till it is released). This will feature studio versions of the live recordings - improved upon of course, plus much more!!! Stay tuned and I will let you know when each product drops, and where and how to get your copy! BML for BML Promotions (check out free downloads at www.myspace.com/bmichaell, www.reverbnation.com/bmichaell).