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Waiting For One / Blog

WFO on Indie104 - iRADIO LA

Our song, If You Were Gone, has been selected for airplay on Indie104! Indie104 - iRADIO LA, voted as the first "Internet Radio Station Of The Year" by New Music Weekly Magazine, is the world's first and most popular Independent Radio station, playing 100% original music by unsigned bands 24/7/365. Since 1998, iRADIO LA has broken the sound barriers with stellar programming that quenches the world's thirst for great new music, one wave after another. Indie104 ~ iRADIO LA is an online streaming station available on the web and on cell phones.

Featured shows hosted by top producers include, Indie Traffic Jam, Colorado Wave, Indie Music Wave, On The Horizon, Top 40 Show, BACA Nation, and a steady stream of awesome, socially-conscious programming. Indie104 ~ iRADIO LA will keep you tuned in and turned on to the hottest music format on earth. Indie 104 is leading the way in brave new music, including Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Country-Rock, Alt-Rock, and World Beat. Opportunity URL: http://www.iradiola.com/

WFO live on the Mambo's Webcast in February!

Waiting For One will be playing 2 sets live on the Mambo's Webcast with John Rody on Wednesday, Feb 3, starting at 7pm. Fans can join us at Mambos live, or you can watch it over the internet as it happens!

Mambos is at 1010 Houston Street Ft. Worth, TX

WFO at LBG every Wednesday night in August!

Thanks everyone who have made it out to the last few shows! The crowd has been getting bigger each time. We love to see that! Thank you! We are playing again every Wed. night in August at the LBG! We go on around 9:00. We hope to see you there! Other news: We are playing an early Happy Hour show on Friday, Aug. 7th! We are opening for the awesome Taz Bentley band, and some other great bands! We may go on as early as 7:00, so come by straight after work and have some drink specials with us! More details as we know them!

-Kelly, Wayne, & Leah