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to all the DMV's Self proclaimers... I'm COMING 4U!

by Dee Rich on Friday, November 12, 2010 at 11:16am

I wants them dead Presidents, quite FRANKLY thier friend BEN/I change forms with every $100 in a stack.....BEN-10/I got a futuristic, spaceship flow .... get it? ... I'm lightyear/and I'm rappin with a BUZZ. but i'm no CUT ....this niggah nice here/I threw a pass but you probably aint receptive/danny glover flow .... I star in every Leathal Weapon/but i can't understand why u hatin my fame/and i wont stop until my BRAND is a household name/u bammas wrong to say I'm just okay!/slim I murder SONGZ.... like I just shot TREY!/you keep looking to the REF'S so they can give you the call/plus you keep my name in your mouth like you suckin me off/so stop the becky.... i don't need u to respect me/and i'm tatted in your memory so none of you can forget me/keep self proclaiming but your title not matchin ur spit/how bout this for a title.... u the king of shyt!/you've been targeted... its locked and loaded/and while i stay fresh and crisp you dudes just rotted and molded/ i will never loose the race... so its foolish to be persuing me/get a good look at the future of the DMV/cause he is me homie an I am him/I'm two sided and two faced... I'm a Gemini twin/so all that talk with you claimin u the best in/that shyts depressing, ur flow must be in recession/so next time u part ur lips to talk smack/we wont need the DVD... u can meet me out back/i know ur kind ... u like it in the throat/and its time for ur decline... lol i should tag u in this note/.........lmao!