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Dirty Black Halo / Blog

Rock/Music Movies

I am not talking about musicals, I am talking about either movies having to do with bands, or artists (Biographical) or satire type that end up being great. Being a fan and avid collector of movies, or in concert films, etc. I have seen many horrible ones and many great ones, and some great ones that wont and or don't get the recognition it deserves. So here are a few I recommend for a laugh, or to see a story of a band(s) or artist hardship and rise to fame. There are many out there, these are just the ones I like and or recommend, BTW Spinal Tap & Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same is always on my list of movies to watch, so this list is w/o Tap or Zep. 1. Electric Apricot, Quest for Festeroo; this is a National Lampoons movie, written, directed, and staring Les Claypool. Electric Apricot is a jam band,ie Phish, Dead. And they are trying to get into a festival like Burning Man, crossed with the hilariousness that is Spinal Tap. I highly recommend this low budget comedy, it has become a staple of the DBH tourbus. 2. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, this is a mixture of all the big biographical movies, most notably Ray & Walk the Line. It has great tunes and it is completely hysterical. 3. The Temptations, a VH1 movie about the best soul/motown group ever, its a little long, but you'll find yourself laughing, crying and singing along, 2 guys who band together and to see how many different line-ups they had before & after they broke is insane, kind reminds me of a similar story of two guys and their band. 4.A Mighty Wind, a Christopher Guest film, about a bunch of Folk singers, but this is literally like Spinal Tap, and Spinal Tap is in the movie as the Folksmen. 5. Michael Jackson This Is It, say what you will about this man, and or his music, but watch this film,his work ethic and talent and understanding of music is amazing, "let it simmer". 6.The Beatles A Hard Days Night the humor is so dry its amazing, and the of course the music of the Beatles how can you go wrong, "Hello Grandfather!"7. The Rocker; Rainn Wilson a drummer for Vesuvius, a band from the 80's who fire their drummer Fish (Wilson) become huge,he is depressed about it for 20 years, until he joins is nephews band and his dream starts to come true, in the most insane way, lol. 8. It Might Get Loud, Jimmy Page, The Edge, & Jack White get together and discuss their musical backgrounds, and how they developed their style and sound, amazing, a must see. 9. Velvet Revolver Live in Houston, tagged as a Super-Group of STP & GNRS, and only here for a short period of time, unfortunately! This live concert footage shows how amazing they were and why they are neither STP or GNRS nor a hybrid of the two, and that they are VR (Damn you Wieland). 10. Detroit Rock City, 4 high school friends in 1978 (the year I was born) who are the last of the rockers in their school which is all about disco, they adventure to try and see KISS in Detroit is one of hilariousness, and the things that happen to them along the way is absolutely hysterical, and they did a great job capturing the essence of the time. 1. Electric Apricot; Quest for Festeroo 2.Walk Hard; The Dewey Cox Story 3.The Temptations 4. A Mighty Wind 5.Michael Jackson; This Is It 6. The Beatles; A Hard Days Night 7. The Rocker 8. It Might Get Loud 9.Velvet Revolver; Live in Houston 10. Detroit Rock City ~ Jerry

Rock Bible; The unholy Scriptures for Fans and Bands

About 2 years ago Border's Bookstore was closing and I came across this book, presented as an actual bible, made by Chunkley Magazine and released by Quirk Books. The author points out the ridiculousness of what Rock has become, for all levels of band, and their mindesets. I have laughed hysterically everytime I read this book. It is presented as an actual Bible: http://www.amazon.com/The-Rock-Bible-Henry-Owings/dp/1594742693 So since I dont have anything on my mind to say I thought I would put down some of the funny verses from each chapter and gospel. Remember this is all good humor, neither myself nor DBH may agree, but if you cant find the humor and laugh at it, especially being in a band and laugh at yourself, then you're too full of yourself and stuck up. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE DRUMMER (TGATTD): The Psalm of the Drummer; V3:Drummers can be overly sensitive, so treat them with kid drumming gloves, V5:Being a drummer means never saying you like John Bonham, No Shit, you play the drums, Dumbass! V12: If you know how to program a drum machine, you aren't a drummer. You're a computer dweeb. V72: If you sleeping with a groupie, remember when her eyes are closed, she is not enjoying it, but making believe she is with the singer or guitarist. (TGATTG&B)Pslam of the guitar & bass player: V7; Unless you're playing a red Dbl-neck SG, using any other Dbl-neck makes you look like a douche-dick. Red is Satans skin color and the SG already comes equipped with its own devil horns. As a matter of fact if you have a dbl-neck period and are not Jimmy Page go fucking kill yourself, you pretentious asshole. V62; Bass Player 1st and foremost you're a dick, thats why you play bass. You do not posses the front man qualities so stay out of the singers way. If he decides to acknowledge your presence at all, he might wave hi. So make the band sound big, because you're a dick you give the band balls, dont castrate the band with your stage show.V63: Remember no women want you, nor are impressed by you, which makes you a bigger dick.Just stay in your rack band and whatever the guitarist and singer dont want, nor pursue is for you. Be thankful that they gave you the scraps of the gutter puke women. Even then they still might fuck them as they are assholes, and youre a dick.(TGATTK) V6: The number of keys acceptable on stage is the equalvelent to the current number of arms you have. Unless your mother fucked an octopus, giving you upwards to 8 arms, the only acceptable number of keys is 2. V8: You are a keyboard player in a rock band, you are just filler, people are there to see the lead singer, and guitarist. No one cares about your psuedo-nerd gear masturbation, nor will any members of your band understand it, so shut up and play. V33: You're more then likely on the bass player's side of the stage, he is a dick, and you are encroaching on his space so he may be pissed that you are taking up his room, and probably not like you! (TGATTS) V3: Your band(consisting of those people who actually play instruments) hates you! V13: When in doubt all mistakes truly are your fault V36: There are only 5 good rock singers and you are not one of them V42: Its not the 80's, nor was it really acceptable then either to wear anything having stars on your you non-talented self righteous douche. Your band is better off musically without you, so let them handle the music.

LOL. I hope everyone laughed as hard as I did at these as it is great. Till Next Week ~Jerry

Lip Syncing

I am against Lip Syncing your music, if you cant recreate it live, either like the album or in a new way that you may have to sing do to age or wearing out of the voice, then don't do it. So then I got to thinking (lets exclude Ashley Simpson, Milli Vanilli, Justin Beiber, etc) the enormous amount of pressure the singer is under. For instance back in 2003 (I think) I saw Aerosmith live, and Steven Tyler admitted to the crowd he lip synced a couple of songs that evening I remember him saying something to the fact,"I wanted all you here to know I have been sick and the heavy strain of this tour, at times, including tonight I struggled to put on the best show for you all. A couple of times I had to do something I am against, but I have no intention of hiding, unfortunately I could not be at my best, so as to not take away from the you all, so you enjoyed yourselves I Lip Synced a few songs." I remember the crowd cheered, I was appalled, but yet his honesty to everyone they all cheered him, I felt ripped off. So for many years I have pondered this, mind you this is before DBH was even a thought, so what I have figured out is this. Fans forces many of these singers/bands to do so, they always expect it to "sound like the album" and hit the notes no problem, and if it doesn't sound as such, they say"oh he cant do it anymore the way he used to". In a musical society such as ours that is so cookie cutter and everything always having to sound and be presented perfectly, its unrealistic. The real players to have to lip sync, to please the people, when they do people get mad. Some bands tune down to make it easier for the singer, most people even not musically trained can tell when something is different, if they notice they get upset the band is making it easier for the singer. Its as if there is no pleasing anyone nowadays. The fans are forcing bands/singers to lip sync, I don't think fans always realize that bands/artist try doing their best to please them, and if they don't or stop to do so, fans crucify them as if they are assholes. They're just trying to give the fans what they want. Yes the fans want the bands to lip sync, but they dont. I AM AGAINST LIP SYNCING, YOU FIND A WAY TO PLAY/SING YOUR SONG. Now most people dont know this, Michael Jackson, Lip Synced certain parts of his shows, almost every performance, the song is Thriller, the last chorus was all piped through the PA. I give that man credit though, watch THIS IS IT, that man knew music, his music, and was a work horse. His show, singing, dancing, say what you want about him that man was a performer in every way, and the part he lip synced (actually didn't sing at all) was because his face was behind a mask that he used in his Thriller music video. I always purchased and or tried to get a hold of live albums, and live bootlegs of bands, so I knew how they performed, and altered things, and heard their live sound. The live sound, although relative o the band's sound on the album, the live sound is different. In part the gear on the album the album compared to the gear used live, the person working the mixing board, etc. I personally always preferred a live album over the recorded album. live recordings the band's excitement, talent, and musicianship all shows through. Yes audibly. What does a live album have to do with Lip Sync? Well if you were to listen to live albums/versions (of the band actually singing) you would get an idea of how they sing/perform it live. As for all the hacks out there that use auto-tune for their albums/songs &then Lip Sync the songs live, you suck, and are a fake. Get off the stage and off itunes, and out of music, as you are a product and if not, just as responsible for the crap shit cookie cutter music and image that is belched out from the c**t of the music underworld. There was a time people were famous because they were special, nowadays people are considered special just because they are famous. Jerry

Jerry's weekly blog

So regardless of what the band is doing I am going to try to stay up with a weekly blog, just things that may be on my mind or personal beliefs of music, and music industry. I will never talk about religion and politics as that is my own personal private beliefs and I don't necessarily want to offend anyone, plus religion, politics & music have no business mixing with each other in any combination whatsoever

Cassettes, Vinyl, Cd's, & Local Record Stores

I was watching a great documentary today called "I Need That Record", about Local Record Stores, for us here in Tampa/St.Petersburg area the two that we know (and that I think are left) Sound Exchange & Daddy Cool Records. While watching this documentary I have to say I personally have forgotten what it was like to be able to go to the record store and find new music, meet people who have other musical tastes, but you could talk to and they would suggest music to you and vice versa. It was a great place to meet musicians, music collectors, and aficionados. I am not talking FYE, or even Camelot, Sam Goody (most people wont remember those last two). I miss those times, if you are going to spend $10.00 on iTunes for some music from corporate, you can go down to the Local Store get a Cd for $5.00, that is of better quality, and you get artwork, and liner-notes, and support local business.I find it sad that todays generation doesn't know, nor could care less for having all the artwork. I remember listening to new music at the store, heck you could listen to Cd's from beginning to end, not just a clip of 45 seconds, and starting up at the 15 second marker, but the whole body of work the artist intended for you to listen to, and in many cases the artwork went along with the music.I was so excited to listen to a new album, by a band or artist I already loved, but could only hear the one song they played on the radio, and discover new bands and new music, I otherwise would not have heard. It is the other music on the album that showed how amazing a band truly was. My feeling a Hit song does not make it a good song, only catchy. For instance "where the down boys go" its catchy not good!!! Now of course there are acceptions. I used to be so excited to unwrap the plastic (back when Cd's 1st came out they were in a long thin rectangular box, with the artwork on it, and those became instant posters for my wall growing up),you get it open, then you smell the "new" you look at the artwork on the disc (this is one thing, besides sound quality, that I loved more about Cd's then Vinyl, but Vinyl did have a small sticker on it, may were generic though to the label that released it), slide out the insert, look through the booklet, at the photos, read the lyrics.It was an experience. I feel as though the young kids of today & tomorrow are missing out on an amazing experience, besides getting out of the house and off the smartphone. Before I had a Cd player, I had a dual cassette, and I know we all have done this: You would have a whole bunch of cassettes (and discs) and you would make your own mix tape and title it an awesome title for you like. Tom's AssKicking Power Tunes, or Dave's Dangerous Songs for Basic Training, John's Sensitive Songs, and Jerry's Cool Songs (Volume I - VX), yes that was MY titles. But we all made mix tapes, and if you stop liking a song because your girl broke your heart, you would find a song to tape over top of it, without trying to mess up the rest of your awesome mix. Cd's eventually we could do that, but it wasnt the same. I remember I have the beginning o GNRS Civil War "what we have here is failure to communicate" go right into Led Zeppelin's Communication Breakdown. When we are back on tour I am going to try to get out to the Local music/book stores and experience what is left of a culture and way of life that I came from but long forgot as they are almost all gone. You not only experience new music, and meet new people, but you learn something about that town, that county, and that State just a lil more than what you would have otherwise learned in school, or any other resource book. Ok thats my rant thank you for reading, I am really interested in other peoples comments. No online fighting or nastiness will be tolerated towards us or anyone else who comments on here.

June 30, 2012

Well its officially 24 hours and 14 minutes since Dirty Black Halo was on stage at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg,FL. I want to say thank you to everyone who came out and supported us, we truly appreciate it.

So an update, we have been working steadily on writing new material for the 3rd album release in 2014.

So I am going to keep this short today, as I rather wait and let everyone see and hear all the new things on the horizon.

So for those of you who missed the amazing show last night here is the link (please enjoy) (*note* if you want to skip ahead and not watch the stage being set up, please skip 30 minutes ahead and enjoy the ROCK. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeKgxSt4NW8


Also here is the link to the setlist:http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/dirty-black-halo/2013/state-theater-st-petersburg-fl-6bd90a32.html


Hello music lovers and aficionados! We hope everyone is doing well this Spring of 2013.

So let me get to the updates. We recently played a show at the Pittsburgh Mix with two other awesome rock bands; The Cowboy Mafia & Luv Dawgz, good times. We tested a few things out to get ready for some upcoming shows that are right around the corner.

We have been working on the new songs for the new album of 2014. And I have to say this is a great evolution of the music we are exploring different ways of thinking when writing, this is going to be a hard hitting in your face Hard Rock Album. We are putting everything we all love about Rock music & music itself while taking the parts of us we have already established over the past two albums and past 8 years. Yes folks DBH has been going for 8 years, we have changed and evolved over the years, and we are doing so again. WE are very pleased with the response of the one new song we have been playing live "Army of Rock (Call to Arms)", considering this is a song for all of the Rock/metal faithful throughout the years.

Also some updates and changes with personal images and looks of the members. And finally after 5 years of heart and dedication Czeq has decided to move onto other things and pursue other areas of interest. We wish him well and thank him for being a part of our history.

We would like to welcome Tom McCowan, a thunder god on the throne. So, Beware of Tom!

Check back as there may be a few teasers of the new look and music being released soon.

We will see you all soon, thank you for all the love, support and dedication we have received from fans over the years. Thats why we are making this 3rd album this is for all of YOU!!!


DBH Update

Hello all!!! So wanted to quickly type a blog with some current information and updates.

Lets see, so we played the Rock the Sandy Relief Concert, put on by the Red Cross, with some amazing bands in Daytona, we were proud to be a part of the benefit.

Also we are now on musicbrainz.org ( http://musicbrainz.org/artist/95b77344-8ba0-46dd-a590-0e3286cac930 ) which is like a Wikipedia for bands/artist/musicians/labels etc. Also you can now see our setlists we play on setlist.fm and add yourself to the show if you were there ( http://www.setlist.fm/search?query=dirty+black+halo ).

Looks like we are going to take a few weeks off of live shows to be underway of doing some more writing for the new album, and to get those songs into the setlist. I have to say this is going to be one in your face rocking album, this album is going to be a Call to Arms to all the rock n roll, metal, hard rock, etc etc fans, musicians out there who work hard at keeping the rock alive.

So new songs will be in the set lists, the only way to currently hear these songs is to be at a show.

People need to stop complaining there is no real music anymore. Not on the radio or given to us by corporate, but local, & regional bands that are out there are amazing, go out and give them a chance you will not be disappointed. Many great musicians, bands, and songwriters out there. Everyone needs to take the time and go out there, I am not saying there are all good bands, there are many that are not ready to be on stage yet, but there are a lot out there, and they rock.

As for my brothers and sisters in bands, we all need to work together, we need to join together to fight to have people come out to the shows, and prove to the venues, promoters the reason why they should only book bands that are ready to take the stage. We need to stop being at odds and competitions with each other, and work together. A lot of the bands in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's did this and they all benefitted.

Ok thats my soapbox to the fans and bands we love you all.

DBH~ Jerry

Sandy Relief Concert

We played a Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert put on by the Red Cross in Daytona Beach at the Coke A-Cola Pavilion.

We had a great time, and a good show, we will be back in Daytona again soon. This week we are playing our first official acoustic show in Sanford, FL. This should be a good time, we have a few songs on this set list that rarely get played live. Hope to see some of you there~Jerry

2013 DBH update.

Its been a while since we blogged. As a matter of fact I don't blog, I just never thought about it. So lets see an update.

We took a lil time off from playing live shows in the middle of 2012 to start writing our next album, but also take a little break and re-charge, re-imagine, re-do, and otherwise update the live show with a whole bunch of new songs.

Even though Burning at the Edge of Dawn got a deal with FnA Records, which we are proud and happy to be a part of their family. We had been playing the songs for a good 3 almost 4 years straight, so we had to go back to writing mode.

Every band who has been around for sometime after playing the same songs for that many years, and just working it, we all need a period to create more.

I am pleased shock and very proud to say we have added the 1st new song "Army of Rock (Call to Arms)" in the past 6 shows, the crowd is loving it more and more, and we have refined it that I look forward to playing it in the set, then I am sad to see it is go once its over. LOL.

Show this Sunday at The Coke-A-Cola Pavilion in Daytona Beach, a bunch of us local bands are banning together for a Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert put on by the Red Cross.

This is going to be fun times. Czeq back soon. ~ Jerry