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The Artist Formally Known As Vince / Blog

New shows

Check back announcing show in March soon

New record out

Our record is out. Order a copy at CD Baby. We'll ne playin Brooklyn for New Years Eve at Don Pedro. More shows after the first of the year

New Record

is in the cue to be pressed this week. Should be in hand soon

New Record update

Mixes are done. next it will be mastered and getting togther the art. Hope to press soon!

New Record

We are in the process of makeing a new record. TAFKAVince is in NYC in November to cut guitar tracks. hoping to be done by end of 2009 and released in early 2010

More Wlcome Reviews

From the picture on the cover of his new seven-song CD, Welcome To The Show, to the track titles and lyrics, it’s clear The Artist Formally Known As Vince, has a warped sense of humor. Fortunately he also has the chops to support his audio antics, as tunes like “Come & Touch Me” and “Bimbo Du Jour” fuse campy pop hooks with punk sensibilities. It’s honest-to-goodness aural vaudeville. (www.vincerock.com) – Jeff Berkwits - Illinois Entertainer The Artist Formally Known as. . . .Who? 11.27.2007 in Album by Nicholas First things first: while I may not take the crown, I will definitely go down swinging in a challenge for the World’s Greatest Prince fan (if such a challenge ever existed). I remember fondly when His Royal Badness changed his name inexplicably to an unpronounceable symbol, only to be dubbed by the media with the acronym TAFKAP. And as much as I do love Prince, I’ve been marveling with glee at his increasingly ridiculous artistic choices the past couple of years (I mean, seriously, he named his latest album Planet Earth). So you can imagine my delight when I received a press release for the Artist Formally Known as Vince and his latest album, Welcome to the Show. While I expected a tongue-in-cheek send-up of His Purple Majesty, instead I was handed a surprisingly good blast of fast and furious glam rock. Thankfully Vince doesn’t take himself too seriously, tossing off a cache of love-pump licking jams, most of them about screwing trashy women, or potentially trashy women. “Come and Touch Me” features the absolutely ridiculous line, “Don’t know where you been / Don’t know your sin”, while “More than Me” laments his lovers preference for drugs over his own diverse charms. “Heartbreak (Leads to Heartattack)” is an oddly sweet, semi-poppy, ready for radio ditty and Lauren Kurtz’s vocals provide a nice dynamic on “Tiara Blues”, a fine piece of dirty, grungy fun. The music isn’t terribly diverse (just straight ahead rock’n’roll) and there’s nothing really insightful that can be said about it but once you get locked into its hooks, there’s really no where else to go. Ultimately, what keeps the album from completely taking off is the lack of production values. While I appreciate a loose and low-fi approach, what would really make all of the jokes work is a healthy dose of nonsensical over-production. Even still, Welcome to the Show is a noble effort that is subversive, trashy and a real good time.

Welcome To The Show Reviews

The Artist Formally Known As Vince WELCOME TO THE SHOW BLUE SPARK (06/26/07) TAFKAVince & Lauren’s Another Space In Time was one of the best records of 2006 that you never heard if you didn’t pay attention to Amplifier or the Chicago Sun Times. Well, the good news is Vince and his merry, rocking pranksters are back in the saddle with the delightfully ramshackle, irreverent Welcome To The Show. Their modus operandi remains the same: brash guitars brimming with mangled Chuck Berry licks (Al Rodis, R. Fish Carpenter, Tony Manno), thudding bass-lines (Clay Thompson), and a relentless back-beat (Brian Chinino) rendered with a decidedly fuck-all attitude. Vamps, tramps and scamps emerge as the libretto in the frenetic “Bimbo Du Jour” - a cut that could possibly revive Cher’s career should Vince have the moxie to pitch it to her management. Proclaims The Artist in his well-honed Lizard King persona “I’m the snake charmer, dance for me….revel in the glamour” as his ingénue (that’s how she’s officially credited) co-vocalist Lauren Kurtz purrs repetitively in her best Siouxsie Sioux quiver “…it’s your destiny...it’s your destiny.” Kurtz steals the Show once again in the slinky “Tiara Blues,” a sordid tale of sartorial debauchery. Though it’s over in a flash (seven cuts) you will find no better rock band working in America today. --Tom Semioli – -Amplifier Magazine TAFKAVince 'Welcome To the Show' posted 2007-10-24 The first thing that came to my mind after listening to ”Welcome To The Show“ was: “God, why is there only 7 songs on this CD?” That was probably planned that way, or maybe that was just because of financial reasons (something I can easily understand), but this album would have deserved 3 or 4 more songs since these 7 songs sound perfect to my ear that has been pricked up to the DOLLS and the RAMONES music (but that also has detected a connection to Australia’s ANGEL CITY here…) Many musicians are involved in this project but the band evolves around the duo Vince and Lauren and their vocal exchanges reminded me a bit of Freddy Lynxx and Big G on “The Courageous Cat” (“Tiara Blues”, “Snake Charmer”), something that can’t leave me indifferent. 6 original songs and an awesome cover of “Trash” make of “Welcome To the Show” the ideal album for those who don’t know much about the universe of The Artist Formally Known As Vince. I must confess that I’m one of them but I’m going to change that as soon as possible./Franckie. Veglam Webzine