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2012 / Blog


(2009-03-27) News about the DEBUT ALBUM:

We are currently in the process of recording our debut album, HUMAN CONFUZION. The album will consist of a variety of styles, ranging from TOP-40 INDUSTRIAL-ROCK to a very emotional blend of RAP-METAL that will have you singing along after minutes of listening to it! With producer, composer and founder of RATED Z RECORDZ, "JOHNNY Z", (ex-member of N2DEEP) the only thing now, that really stands in the way of 2012, is time...

HUMAN CONFUZION is an album anyone can relate to. The songs are about the hard times we face, emotional problems we never seem to have grip of and the HYPOCRITICAL lies we see and live everyday. The point of this album is to help inspire, educate and alter peoples lives that are always confused with themselves or are consistently going backwards, that need to hear that one voice, to help them turn their lives back around, towards the more, REALISTIC/LOGICAL direction...

We, 2012, plan on having the whole album FINISHED/COMPLETED by the end of this summer, 2009, and will begin our 1st tour either late summer or early fall. The more requests we get from whatever cities, will be where we'll be planning on playing 1st. Thank you for the constant love and support for the music. If was not for "YOU", the fans, then there wouldn't be any music...

~ 2012