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TiLLt in TiLLted702 / Blog

ITS,,,,, SHOWTIME Tonight 9PM

Tonight is the night... 9PM NO COVER ... Are you coming???????????????????? #hardrockrising https://www.facebook.com/events/612823565431335/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

March 21, 2014 9:00 PM Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas Strip

Come join me for free on Friday the 21st of March for a Battle of the Bands you will never forget. Support TiLLt.. Thanks so much.. https://www.facebook.com/events/617630764983723/


Accepted in the Hard Rock Rising Las Vegas.. Need Votes Starting Feb 3

We Can Make A Change has been accepted by Hard Rock and Online Voting Period: Feb 3 (10am EST) to Feb 17 (4pm EST) https://www.facebook.com/hardrockcafelasvegasstrip/app_205164529573076


TiLLt, Are You Ready for Hard Rock Rising 2014?... Online Voting Begins Feb 3 Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas wants you to battle it out LIVE for your chance to win Hard Rock Rising. But first you need your fans to vote! The top 10 bands with the most votes PLUS Wild Card picks will earn the chance to perform live at Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas. If you are crowned Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas's winner, you'll move on to compete globally.

Check out We can make a change by TiLLt Starting February 3, your song will be available for download on the Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas Facebook page. During this phase, fans can download tracks for free to vote for the band(s) they want to see participate in their city. Each download counts as a vote. Fans can vote for as many bands as they would like; however, they can only vote for each band once and will be required to "Like" the local Hard Rock Facebook page. There is no registration or fee required for fans. You will have 2 weeks to promote your song using any means possible, including all of the free ReverbNation marketing tools in your Control Room. Note that your submission song will be locked during your participation in Hard Rock Rising; it cannot be deleted during this time. During the online voting period from February 3 - February 17, your fans can triple their vote (2 additional votes per fan) by visiting any participating Hard Rock Cafe location and 'Checking-in' from their smartphone. It's simple and a great way to make each hard-earned vote go further! Do you have the best fans in the world? Boost your votes by getting your fans to come out to a local cafe. Organize a meet-and-greet, sign autographs, get creative! Important Notes: Fans must vote prior to Checking-in. Fans will 'Check-in' from a simple mobile webpage. No app download is necessary. 'Check-in' instructions will be posted inside all participating Hard Rock Cafes.

TiLLted Kings Project EP in Editing Process Now

5 songs to be released soon in 2014. Feat Bill King on Trumpet..... The TiLLted Kings Project EP ♫VOTE ARTISTSIGNAL: https://artistsignal.com/tillted702/comments ♫FAN REVERBNATION: https://www.reverbnation.com/tillt ♫FOLLOW ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Tillted702 ♫LIKE ON FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/Tillthiphop ♫SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: https://youtube.com/tillted702 ♫RANK ME: http://www.beat100.com/tillt ♫RATE ME: https://www.citizen.tv/Tillt ♫RATE ME: http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/tillt I really appreciate all my fans that have stuck by me. New albums, mixtapes, and collaborations in the making and will be out soon!

Resolutionz EP 2014 is in EFFECT!

TiLLt has started the writing process for the fourth and well anticipated album Resolutionz EP therafter a release of the LP. A single will be released this Spring and the album will be available for purchase in December 2014.. Check me out on Spotify and Pandora in 2015.

To My Fans and Followers.. Thank YoU!

I appreciate the support. I haven't created music in a long time since I have been a full time father and my daughter needed me. She is 15 in June so it is back to get this music thing on a roll. I use to freestyle battle at the cooler lounge back in the day when DJ Shanestream was spinning there! When i was in my twenties I was freestyle champion in Las Vegas on Wild 102 FM here in town.... That station is no longer around but I am looking for the audio of one of the battles at least on my arsenol of burned disks. I never intend to be a rapper my passion is recording and performing live in a band.. Reggae/Island/Dub style I am only rapping again for my fourth and Final Album Resolutionz in 2014. I need to finish this project that has been on the backburner for years. I didn't think that I was going to ever finsih this album but a "PUNK ASS VEGAS RAPPER WHO WAS GOING TO COLLABORATE WITH ME FROM A MEETING WITH MY BROTHER WHO PROMOTED HIM AT DIVE BARS HERE IN TOWN AND NOW HIS HEAD IS EGO-BOOSTED BECAUSE HE OPENED UP A FEW SHOWS FOR SOME BAD ASS RAPPERS.. WHOOP A DEE DOOO!!!....STUPID PRICK SAID I WAS JOCKRIDING HIM BECAUSE I HIT HIM UP A FEW TIMES AND TRIED TO HELP PROMOTE HIS MUSIC .... WHAT A PUNK ASS 25 year old PUSSY... HEY EKOH THE FLAME IS IGNITED AND AIM IS FOR THE MARK EKOH...... NO PUN INTENDED!