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WahnMache / MahnWache / Blog

History and Purpose of "WahnMache / MahnWache":

Founded around 1991 by Gerhard Martin (Guitar & Keyboard & Drums) & Daniel Robert Oelbauer (Drums & Violin) as “TOLLHAUS”, while studying in the Gymnasium Sonthofen. Our first and only public Concert (Winter 1994) took place WITHOUT us, since we were NOT informed about it right in time. As NOBODY could be found for playing the bass, the “Band” never grew to bigger extent than 3 men (additional Guitar-Player Andreas Reck joined in late 1993). And 1994 had been the year of the tacit disbandment, too. The project just diverged without comment. Some “easy & silly listening”-folk band took the name TOLLHAUS for their Band….and I named my solo-project “WahnMache / MahnWache” as an equivocation to the German word for a “political or admonishing vigil” and the “making of madness”. It now is a solo-project, but it does not necessariliy NEED to stay one, right ? Please help to develop these recordings into full wholesome songs with any instrument that would help to complement the expression of it. Strongly demanded would be Drums and Bass …but any other instrument is wellcome, too, as far as it can be useful to transport the emotional message of this music MORE, or in a new and interesting way. Please, let me know, WHAT your interpretation and supplement of my music will sound like. OK ? http://www.reverbnation.com/musician/gerremartin https://www.myspace.com/wahnmache-mahnwache https://www.myspace.com/mahnwache-wahnmache https://www.myspace.com/wahnmache https://www.myspace.com/mahnwache.wahnmache https://www.myspace.com/frank-dube.wahnmache https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bnz7h83mttvthis/AAA2HdfmtKO9-k5shZuMRU-ga?n=235065419 www.soundcloud.com/wahnmache-mahnwache/sets www.soundcloud.com/mahnwache-wahnmache/sets www.soundcloud.com/wahnmache/sets www.soundcloud.com/mahnwache/sets www.soundcloud.com/gerhard-martin/sets www.reverbnation.com/wahnmachemahnwache https://www.myspace.com/gerhard-martin www.myspace.com/586713531 https://www.hypedsound.com/wahnmache-mahnwache https://www.hypedsound.com/mahnwache-wahnmache https://www.hypedsound.com/wahnmache https://www.hypedsound.com/mahnwache