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Neal Heart / Blog

Mini Blog - When The Dream Doesn't Work - Part 1

Do not read this if everything works out for you because this post is for people with a dream and a problem. Are you strong in one area of the dream? However, you struggle in a different area of the dream. An example of the strength and struggle in the dream - "Are you great when it comes to writing music? However, you struggle with social media."

Have you ever been excited to release new music on one side of the dream, to deal with the disappointment when it didn't sell on the other side. What do you when you love making music. However, the dream is not working.

Getting Played On FM Radio

I met with the program director at a FM radio station to discuss the possibility of getting my music played. The program director didn't know anything about me or my music. The program director listened to my music and didn't say anything while my song was playing.

Later, the program director said that he get lots of submissions including major label artists and my music stands out because of the songwriting. He decided to put my music into rotation and I was happy.

Remember to focus on the songwriting because it will make you standout from the rest.

-Neal Heart

Reach For the Stars

Turning dreams into reality is a process. It may become tedious, trying, exasperating, annoying and may even force you to give up and forget your goal but dreams are called dreams for a reason. They are not that easy to achieve. They need time and effort for if dreams were as easy as buying one in the mall, it would diminish the essence of reaching for it. Dreams can take time - the bigger the dream, the greater the preparation.

Preparation comes from what you go through on the backside of everything. Looking forward to celebrating the success of your dream is a great way to also prepare you for the success that awaits you. Being thankful for all the things that you have and obstacles that you have overcome in the process of reaching your dream may also help you realize what you have already accomplished. This can encourage you more to pursue the dream especially at time when you feel like giving up.

There will always come a time where you may feel like your dream will never happen. Just relax. This may be the indication that you are just one step closer in accomplishing what is supposed to be done. Who knows, you may already be closer than you think. Never give up. Nothing is impossible as long as you know what you want.