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Roma Williams / Blog

Pre-Production DONE

Hey everyone! Im sorry I havent been on in a while, but for good reason...got pre-production completed on my first album "Truth" can't wait for you guys to hear it!!!!!!


Hope everyone had a GREAT New Year, 2014 will be a GREAT one for all!

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Teens With Dreams

My You Tube PSA is now up on RN!

Teens With Dreams PSA

Good morning. My PSA is now on my You Tube Channel at www.youtube.com/TheRomaWilliams please subscribe and share. I stand for ZERO tolerance for bullying. Thank you. RW

New Covers on You Tube

Uploaded 2 new Covers on my You Tube Channel. Please subscribe and let me know what you think.

Teens With Dreams Anti-Bullying Campaign

I am starting a non-profit organization, Teens With Dreams Anti-Bullying Campaign As the victim of bullying myself, one of my in town haters hash tagged "#Iwannacuther" I will NOT stand for this! At first, the School did nothing as they sided with the bully, then my Mom and reps got on them and they agreed to have a "chat" with the bully and her parent(s).

Really?! There is NO cyber-bullying law on the books and I AM DETERMINED to change that!

If you would like to join, Like the Facebook Page "Teens With Dreams Anti-Bullying Campaign", Follow @TWDAntiBullying on Twitter.

I am working on a website and have drawn the attention of Local TV Reporters, so hopefully my message will be taken seriously!

NO MORE BULLYING! THIS MUST END NOW! I cant do it alone, so PLEASE join!

Thank you, Roma Williams

You Tube Channel

I made a BRAND NEW YOU TUBE CHANNEL! Subscribe for new Covers and my Christmas Tribute! RW

Coming Up

Hi Everyone. Getting together some of my fav Christmas Songs for a You Tube Christmas Fun Fest. Make sure you have subscribed...gonna be a lot of fun!