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Alex Grant / Blog

Children playing outdoors...

A documentary I worked on about Colorado Outdoor Education Laboratory Schools has just been published on a blog from the National Copyright Alliance in Washington, D.C.--http://blog.copyrightalliance.org/2012/03/play-outside-filmmakers-help-save-colorado-outdoor-education-program/

What is art?

Here is an answer I love from an old friend, divemaster and underwater videographer: "I define art and artists by noting that they show us the same world we live in but from a perspective that we have not attained, and probably could not attain, without that art. Some of that is because we are all individuals and we all see things differently but mere difference, in itself, does not make it art. Art has a rare and hard to define quality to it which we recognize even if we cannot reproduce or explain it. Art it is evocative and rich. It produces emotions and conjures up images that were just around some corner before we experienced it. Art may not necessarily make our perceptions better - just different."

The ideas behind the songs....

I love the fact that instrumental music communicates to all of us on earth since language is not involved. We all share being moved by a painting, some music or a dance, and it is often difficult to verbalize how or why we are affected. But the emotions we experience are real nonetheless.

In my writing, there are sometimes ideas before the actual creating, but just as often, I don't realize what the piece really says until afterwards. What the artist feels may be different than what a listener or observer would describe. I think this is a testament to the multiple layers of life that good art captures.

I am most interested in how you, wherever you might be in the world, are affected by the music, so please stop by and leave your thoughts and ideas! Thank you! Alex Grant Music enriches our lives.

New Music

My latest piece is "Land Below The Winds", from a documentary about the northern part of the island of Borneo, Sabah, known as the land below the winds. The story follows the misadventures of some of the young wildlife native to the area: a juvenile orang-utan (which means "forest person"), a young flying squirrel on its first time airborne, and a mudskipper, a hilarious looking fish that can walk on land!