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Michael O'Laughlin / Blog

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Irish Old Style from Kansas City to Dublin launched

www.Irishroots.com Irish Old Style Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe Irish Sean Ns & traditional singer Mike O’Laughlin reached the national stage in Dublin, Ohio at the largest three day Irish fest on the planet, in 2014. Vocalist with the Irish Roots Cafe house band, he performed in the first all Irish language song […]

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Co. Kerry, Co. Waterford Genealogy; 1659 Irish Census in print

www.Irishroots.com Irish Genealogy and… Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe Irish Genealogy back in print Too much going on here this month. The web page will be all new in just a few weeks, My first old style Irish song album is being mastered in Dublin, Ireland, and Three books with new color maps […]

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September Irish Events, Louisville Fest, Kansas City online show, Raymore

September events with the Irish Roots Cafe. and Mike OLaughlin at www.Irishroots.com Three Events yet this month, including tonight…. 1. Online Chat & Sing with Mike Tonight Our fourth online, informal show, with Mike online to sing, chat, or answer questions as possible. It is tonight at 8 central, 9 eastern time. Song in Irish […]

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Sean nos, Irish old style song online for beginners via K.C. and Boston.

www.Irishroots.com The Irish Roots Cafe Online Irish Song lessons and events Kansas City HQ for Irish Song Strange as it may seem, Kansas City is developing a reputation for online Irish activity in song and genealogy these days. Here are three active programs originating at the K.C. based Irish Roots Cafe at www.Irishroots.com Kansas City […]

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September Events Irish Genealogy and Irish Roots Cafe house band

www.Irishroots.com Current Events (Kansas City, Louisville, Raymore, ConcertWindow online) with Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe Current Events Having the Dublin, Ohio Irish fest and the Harvest Fest in Kirksville behind us, here is our schedule for the rest of September. (Kansas City, Louisville, Raymore, ConcertWindow) My next chat and sing show, live online, […]

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Grape Stomp, Irish Roots Band, Harvest Fest Saturday

The Irish Roots Cafe with your host Mike OLaughlin at www.Irishroots.com Jacobs Vineyard and Winery 26078 Eagle Lane, Kirksville, MO phone 660 627 2424 (see flier at bottom for more) One of A Kind Looking for a different kind of fest with Irish bands, a grape stomp, a cork toss, and Bottling Competition… (Plus the […]

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Family History of Ireland in 34 book set complete, from noted Kansas City author

www.Irishroots.com With Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe All Volumes Now Back in Print Irish Genealogy set again complete, Family History of Ireland in 34 volumes The Irish Families Project, which began in 1978, is now complete with the publication of a full set of 34 books. The collection focuses on Genealogy and Family […]

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Dublin Irish Fest Genealogy Exhibit is One of a Kind

www.Irishroots.com Genealogy exhibit Mike OLaughlin at the Irish roots Cafe pertinent links to todays subject: 1) Irish Roots Cafe 2) Worlds First Irish Genealogy podcast 3) Genealogy Books, CDs on Every Irish County + 4) Early Irish Genealogy group at familytreedna 5) The Irish Book of Arms Genealogy at the Dublin Irish Fest We have […]

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Kansas City Irish History here in 34 Free Podcasts

www.Irishroots.com Kansas City Irish Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe To Link to these free podcasts, (click below) http://www.irishroots.com/index.php/irish-in-america-broadcastmenu-154 Before we begin, a note I will be appearing at the Dublin, Ohio Irish Fest on August 1 to 3, and will be at two tents there this year. First, at the genealogy tent all […]

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I’ll chat with you and sing traditional Co. Kerry songs, Friday live online

www.Irishroots.com Chat and sing Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe Date of event, Friday, July 11 time: 4 oclock Eastern time, 3 oclock Central. Very Simple To Do Yes, all you need is your laptop or desktop computer. Click the link below and you are there. http://www.concertwindow.com/shows/7458-mike-o-laughlin-old-style-at-the-irish-roots-cafe If you click on the reminder button, […]

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