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thestinkfinger / Blog


yes we are free from the crazy block that had been imposed on us but we promise to be more careful with listening to and adding acts that we like on here. let the fun continue in the stinkiest way we know how.....party hard.

new stuff

we just posted a buttload of stinky new stuff a couple of days ago. hopefully everyone is getting a chance to give them a listen. let us know what you think of them. please just leave a comment.


a lot of people liked our thanksgiving song so we have decided to try and make another holiday classic for christmas. stay tuned kids.

new stuff

we have recorded a bunch of new stuff plus a cover or 2...hopefully will post this very month . everyone enjoy a porkchop and some beer.


its up and ready and being played. gobble the turkey baby

new thanksgiving song

we are gonna post a special thanksgiving song in the next few days...be sure to come back and look for it.

new video

just posted a new video for an upcoming track. check it out and let us know what you think of it.


here are our links.




new song titles (so far) and more....

these are the title of the new original songs we are going to be uploading soon. love boat baby party girl thinking of stinking love butter fat bastard and we have a couple of fun covers to boot.. stay tuned.

is it you?

are you our top fan? we have a contest coming up to find out...and we will reward you for it. stay tuned.