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Silver Dahli / Blog

Day To Freeze...pt.2

Hey everyone, pretty psyched this cold is almost gone, but in the meantime because Ive been cooped up in the house its allowed me to listen to some great music on reverbnation...make sure you listen to some of these awesome and talented people on on my page...follow the link and fan them, its always much appreciated...in other news, ill be going to the studio again to master the final tracks of "Forest through the Trees", hopefully to be done soon. Peace

Day To Freeze

Got all this snow up here in RI, but its goin away quick. Was out there throwin snow balls and sledding with the kids and had a flashback. The first time I heard Zappa was when I was 16, sitting in the car with my brother Darryl at the Meriden Square Mall, in a snow storm of white out conditions. For me, it was so strange to listen to something so off the wall, considering that Zappa himself is laughing during dialogue parts. I had never heard anything like that, in my teenage ignorance. My brother was in the air force at so he wasn't around too much during my teen years, but he cranked it up and proceeded to do E Brake donuts throughout the Mall parking lot until the security chased us out. Good times...

Day to Fray Blog

I just got a record player(again) for christmas...yeah, can listen to all those records my dad dumped on me before jetting to FL....thanks dad...listening to Dylan's "Highway 61" right now and I forgot how good Dylan could be...The first time I heard this record was on a bus trip through GA and FL, real strange because I actually bought "Blood on the Tracks" but the CD inside was Highway 61...everytime I listen to this it reminds of that trip through the ancient swamps of FL....Well this is my first log into this blog, so this is what you can expect...for those who want the rss experience you can follow my blog at silverdahli.tumblr.com...Good Day to Fray