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Into The Coven / Blog

Into the.....

Rehearsal last night was awesome! These new songs are really coming together nicely. We're starting to expand our sound a bit, and it's showing. I really think that when people hear these, they are going to be shocked, in a very good way! We're starting to book shows for Spring/Summer of 2015, and have 4 already lined up. We're looking to start playing out of state to initiate more people to one of the many sounds of CT Metal, so if you know of any places you'd like us to play, let us know, and we'll get in contact with them. Also, for the first time in a long time, we've decided to hit the 'covers area' and take a song all five of us love and re-do it, Into the Coven style. No hints, you'll have to wait until one of our upcoming shows...but I WILL say this....this one is coming from FAR left field. Not one you'd expect from us, and I'll leave it at that. So that's the update as of now. If there is anything else in the upcoming week that needs to be put out there, it'll be on here, our facebook page, or on www.intothecovenct.com Our upcoming shows so far are: February 14th - Cherry St, Wallingford CT "Posidemic Ntertainments Anti-Valentine's Day show" with some kick ass bands. March 7th - The Reserve, Meriden, CT May 9th - City Limits, Waterbury, CT - Posidemic Ntertainment show. Details to come soon May 16th - Bleacher's, Bristol, CT - Details coming soon As always, please continue to support CT Metal and all local/unsigned bands! Without your support, none of us would be anything!! We All Rise Together! Thank you!

Always quiet before the storm

First blog post in a couple of weeks. Sorry about that. Although we've been quiet, we have NOT slowed down at all. In fact, we've stepped things up a bit.This past Friday, our rehearsal was probably the most productive we've had in a long time. We got two all new songs (never played outside of our rehearsal space, lovingly known as the Altar of Sacrifice) pretty much arranged and awaiting tweaks and lyrics. (I know, I've got my work cut out for me this week). We're also bringing back some older songs that we put on a shelf for a while. These are going to be re-worked to reflect how we sound now, as opposed to what we sounded like when they were originally written. We're hoping to have a good portion of these ready for you by our next show, February 14th at Cherry St in Wallingford, for Posidemic Ntertainments "Anti-Valentine's Day" bash. We're also working on booking shows all over the place, from our old haunts like Cherry St and the Heirloom, to new places in other states. Once we have these shows confirmed, we'll post them. If there are any places you'd like to see us play, please let either us or that venues booking agent know. As always, support local, unsigned Metal!! We all rise together!


Another Sunday, another blog. Last minute show announcement! We've been asked to participate in a benefit show for one of Matt's friends who was in an accident and is in a medically induced coma. So, this coming Saturday, November 22nd, come on out to The Spot in Bethel, CT and join us for a great cause! It's been a little while since our last show, and we are ready to tear things up! Come on out and rip it up with us! New songs are coming together quickly, and we're looking forward to playing them for you! Once they are a little farther along, maybe we'll post some teaser clips? Hmmmm, possibly. I had the chance to head out to Bleacher's in Bristol last night for the Continuum/Eyes of the Dead co-CD release party. Got there in time to catch most of Crown of Scorns set. Talk about TIGHT! Was really impressed to see the place so packed. The scene is hurting, huh? Tell that to everyone who was at Bleachers last night! So that's about it for now. No HUGE news (yet!), but every little step in the right direction is a good step. As always, make sure to support local unsigned bands! There are so many out there, at least a few will fall into your favorites file. Go out to shows! Occupy a venue! Remember, We All Rise Together!!


Sunday morning, and the weather is cooling off. The most Metal time of the year if you ask me. Been a productive weekend so far. Had a really good rehearsal this past Friday, and made some headway on a new song, and some older songs that we have not performed live yet are sounding even better. I (Steve) am taking a sabbatical from the disease known as Facebook for a little bit, so I can concentrate on writing and some other things in my personal life. So far, after less than one day away, I've already worked on a few new ideas I have lyrically, and even broke out the guitar that I can't play for shit lol. We're still in the middle of writing new songs, trying out new ideas for older songs, and adding as much as we can to our potential live set list. Playing a different set list each show is a good thing, right? I think so at least. While we don't have any shows until February, we're working on finally getting out of CT next year a few times. New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York and New York City, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine are all on the list of places to hit. If you have not yet, please check out our facebook page (www.facebook.com/jointhecoven), and look for us on BandCamp. You can stream us on Spotify as well. And we thank you very much for your continued support! Speaking of support, please make sure to check out ALL of the kick ass Metal bands from CT and surrounding areas. (The list is way too long to post here, plus, with my mind, I'd probably forget a few, and I don't like doing that.) The amount of talent in CT is overwhelming, and EVERY band deserves your support, and at least a few minutes of your time (listening to one song from a band you have not listened to yet once a day takes less than 5 minutes, and you'll probably find something you absolutely love). Please make sure to visit our sponsors, Dirtbag Clothing at www.dirtbagclothing.com, and tell them we sent you. Ok, so now that I've blabbed on, have a great week, and keep Metal alive, Occupy a Local Venue, and remember, We All Rise Together!!

Productive day

So, another Sunday is upon us, and before the new episode of The Walking Dead airs, I'm going to try to get this done. We skipped last weeks rehearsal/writing session due to Halloween. In the mean time, I've been working on the lyrics for a new song we're working on, got a bunch of behind the scenes type of stuff done, and made my first attempt at a lyric video for our song "The Witching Hour". I think it came out ok, but I'll wait for the comments. We are still streaming on Spotify, and still available for purchase on bandcamp. We made another step forward in the area of physical copies, and they will be done shortly. As soon as we have them, we will let EVERYONE know. Really excited about where this is going. In conclusion, thank you to everyone for the continued support! It means the WORLD to us to know that music we believe in with all of our hearts is taken in so well by you all. We'll be back to the live stage in February 2015 with a whole new set of surprises. Come join us, and enjoy the ride!! Also, please stop by www.dirtbagclothing.com and show our sponsors some love! Support your local unsigned bands! Without unsigned bands, rock will truly die, and NONE of us want that! We All Rise Together!!

Another Sunday, another blog...

It's Sunday already? Damnit. Ok, so here goes. We got together to jam out a few new songs this past Friday at the Alter of Sacrifice, and two of them have made it as rough, single mic in the middle of the room demos. We've played the first one "Enter the Beyond" a few times live to good response, and the second one "Penny Dreadful" we debuted at our last show in Danbury. This is just a small taste of where we are heading, and it's a big step away from what we are used to. We accept the challenge laid out by ourselves! I really can't wait for people to hear these songs once we refine them. These few months away from playing live are going to be possibly the MOST productive we've ever been. We also have our first review of our self titled ep available. We'd like to thank Knob from OFNR (www.ofnrforever.com) for the review and the four out of five star rating! http://ofnrforever.com/into-the-coven-into-the-coven-e-p-review/ We'd also like to thank Agrippa and Alan at Metal Cyndicast for the support! I honestly think every #CTMetal band should thank them, along with Jessie and her crew at Alternative Control, and Knob at OFRN....as well as Jeff at Anti-Radio, at one point or another. These places and people go out of their way to support us unsigned bands constantly. So, a big thank you to everyone! Contrary to what some people have been saying lately, the scene is alive and well. There are countless shows every weekend in this state, and none of them are complete failures by any means. It is literally impossible to be at each and every one of them on any given weekend, yet people come out to every one of them and show support. It's truly humbling. In order to GET support, you must GIVE support. In order to GET respect, you must GIVE respect. Simple rules we should all follow, no matter what level we are on. We'd also like to thank our sponsors Dirtbag Clothing, and to let you know that there are some exciting things in the works for next year, including some killer shows, and we'll be going in to record our full length album. 2015 is already looking to be BIG! In closing, please continue to support unsigned bands.There are so many in CT alone, I don't have enough time to type them all in, and out of fairness, I don't want to type in a few, and forget anyone. So, support CT metal. Get to a show, buy a shirt or CD, or just repost show listings. Help get the word out! Remember, We All Rise Together!! - Steve

Halloween is less than two weeks away!

So it's Sunday. Again. Monday is tomorrow. Can't it be Friday instead? We had a productive rehearsal this past Friday. Two newer songs sounded tighter than ever before, and another all new song is taking shape fast. I really wish you could hear these. I'm really happy with how the new songs are coming along, the sound, the riffs, and the over all feel is just a big step forward for us. We recently booked our first shows for 2015, which gives us a good amount of time to get a whole new set of songs finished and ready. February 14th, we're playing at Cherry St in Wallingford for a Posidemic Ntertainment event. And May 10th, we're playing at City Limits in Waterbury, for another Posidemic Ntertainment event. Both of these shows are shaping up to be powerhouse line ups, with the May 10th show being a double duty night for TJ. More info for both shows will be posted as it comes in. Also, this past Friday, we were treated to a brief listen to the rough mixes of the upcoming release from our brother in The Maddening Process. HOLY SHIT! All I can say about this is it's going to fucking blow people away! I won't give away anything, but I'll say this. These guys have outdone themselves. One of the most anticipated albums coming out, to me at least. Not much more to report right now, but if something else pops up, it'll be posted either here or our facebook page. In the meantime, make sure to check out all of the kickass CT metal bands (wayyyyy too many to list), our endorsers/sponsors Dirtbag Clothing, and keep supporting local bands. We All Rise Together!

Our self titled EP is finished!

So, after a fun show Friday night at the Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury, CT, Adam and TJ went back into UP Recording to finish up the EP. We're proud to announce that the self titled EP is finally finished and is ready for digital download and streaming at our bandcamp page and reverbnation page. https://intothecoven.bandcamp.com/releases We should have physical copies available shortly. As soon as we do, we'll let you know! Leave comments for us on our facebook page if you'd like. We are taking some time away from live shows for the upcoming months so we can finish up writing for our full length that we are tentatively going to record early spring. Please keep on supporting local Metal! Without your help, local Metal goes nowhere...and none of us want that! We All Rise Together!

Our next show...Hometown!

We played FNFest last night and had a great time! Minor technical difficulties, but that happens once in a while. In all, it was a really good night. Now that FNFest is past, our next show is this coming Friday, October 10th in Danbury at the Heirloom. This should be yet another fun night, and our first all ages show in about 18 months. We've had a lot of people asking us to do all ages shows over the last few months, so here it is. We're bringing our style of Metal back to our hometown, with a couple of new songs that have not yet been recorded, so come on out and bang yer damn heads with us! On October 11, TJ and Adam are heading back into UP Recording to finish up a couple of tracks for the ep. Once that is done, it's off to mixing and mastering. We know it's taken a bit longer than we anticipated, but we wanted it to sound the best it could before releasing it. We're proud of the four song ep, and hope that you will enjoy listening to it. We're also hoping it will tide you over until next spring, when we are initially planning on going back into the studio to record our first full length album. We have a good ten songs just about finished, arrangement wise, and another couple in the basic stages right now. We will most likely not be playing many shows the rest of this year after October 10th so we can concentrate on making these new songs the absolute best they can be, so if you want to see Into the Coven in 2014, make sure to be in Danbury this coming Friday. As always, thank you from the deepest parts of our souls for the love and support you have shown us, and please, continue to support local, unsigned Metal bands, wherever you are. Without your support, local, unsigned bands are nothing. Again, thank you! And remember, We All Rise Together! -Steve

This Saturday FN Fest !

This Saturday we return to Cherry St. for FN Fest 2014 with some killer bands. As usual Knob will be broadcasting the entire show live on http://ofnrforever.com/ if you cant make it. Friday the 10th we are back at The Heirloom Arts center in Danbury with our good friends the Maddening Process. These will probably be our last shows for the this year. We have a bunch of new songs in the works and riffs stacking up we are dying to work on. The plan is write 4 or 5 new songs for the new year and hopefully hit the studio sometime in the early spring to do a 12 song album. We have lots of ideas floating around and were all pretty excited to see them come to life. ~Adam