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New Earthlings / Blog

360 Mag reviews album sampler!

360 Mag's review of New Earthlings' album sampler, currently on Soundcloud. They seem to like what they hear, especially the production, because they mentioned it twice! It's reproduced below.

"New Earthlings has a dynamic sound. A hybrid of rock, pop, alternative and contemporary. Great production, good instrumentation, nice vocals and top notch production. Very reminiscent of many of the early greats, like Led Zeppelin, this ensemble proves to be lyrically solid. The sky is the limit for such a psychedelic powerhouse. Their music could easily be used for a indie film or a quirky HBO show. Their innate talent and creativity has earned them a spot on our #360WatchList."


New Earthlings now on The Music Mag!

New Earthlings now on The Music Mag! Full bio and album tracklisting can be viewed by copying and pating the following link into your browser: http://www.themusicmag.com/unsigned-music/new-earthlings/

New Earthlings release '(Like a) Jigsaw' on iTunes, etc.

The single, '(Like a) Jigsaw' at 3'07" is nearly two minutes shorter than the album version, and is a bouncy, rocking tune that tells a mindful story. "My life's in pieces like a jigsaw", goes the chorus. Guitarists will be interested to know that the heavy, overdriven guitar sound was obtained using nylon strings, not steel.

New Earthlings' eponymous debut album, 'New Earthlings' will be released later in the year.

New Earthlings play a one-off gig at Properstock.

New Earthlings play a one-off gig at Properstock.

Down ‘n’ dirty, psychedelic ‘70s-flavoured driving guitar riffs, strong stadium rock vocals & tight melodies with Led Zep & Thin Lizzy influences.

3:30pm at the Psychedelic Fun Barn...ProperStock! Music Festival 2013 Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes

be there! B-)

Main Vocals Now Completed

The main vocals (and much of the harmony vocals) for the album were completed on Saturday, 9 February by John, who also finished the lyrics for two of the songs, now named "One More Try" (formerly Rock Ballad One) and "Your Own Worst Disguise" (formerly Never). Only the remainder of the keyboard parts and a few bits and pieces are left to record, then the final mixing will begin. We're actually beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Vocals Now Started

Powerhouse vocalist John Swain laid down the first five tracks for the album last weekend and we are totally psyched up about it! MOHIT!

Guitar tracks recorded

Geoff and John completed the guitar tracks for the album over the Jan 4/5 weekend through John's mighty Marshall JCM2000 stack. Next: keyboards and vocals and the big mixdown!

On the Road to Upload

We're now getting close to finishing the album, with drums, courtesy of Chris Davy, all recorded and mixed, giving a big, big sound. Bass and guitars are also down and we're halfway through keyboards. Vocals and overdubs will be added in early January, with a view to a release later in the spring of 2013.

We'll send out the next update in January, where we'll release the final track listing and other details.

Happy holidays!

(Like a) Jigsaw (demo)

This is the demo of (Like a) Jigsaw with lyrics for the chorus only. As before, Geoff plays all the parts. John is writing the verses for it. Still more demos to come.

The Story So Far

Here's a recap of everything we've done so far... Original concept 'New Earthlings' is a project devised by Geoff Platt to play, interpret and otherwise re-invent the Kennedy-Platt songs of the original Earthlings of the '90s. New songs are also in the pipeline.

Chameleon, Illusions and Subject to Status were recorded (almost) live at InterAction Studios, Milton Keynes on 29.06.08. Bass was added later. Playing on the 2008 session were: John Swain - vocals Dan Friess - keys Simon White - drums Geoff Platt - guitar & bass overdub Special thanks to Tony Salway at the recording desk and Nick Bland for the photos. 2012 Update By the end of 2012, New Earthlings will release an album of what you might call classic rock songs (and we're talking more Deep Purple and The Who than Whitesnake and Iron Maiden here). Some old, some new, and all original material. We'll end up with about 10 or 12 tracks for the album. The line up for the album is: John Swain - vocals/guitar.bass/BV Tony Salway - keys/production/BV Calvin Brown - drums/bass/BV Geoff Platt - guitar/bass/BV We're recording the demos and will re-record every track from the ground up, starting with drums. The next step is to get the album on to iTunes and market it online on sites like Reverbnation and Facebook. We'll get some publicity shots done and make a video. Touring a possibility if we sell enough albums. These are the demos made so far:

Chameleon The first of the Inter-Action sessions. Plenty of energy (it's really quite fast). There's some Motown-meets Peter Frampton influences in there somewhere. Geoff wrote this with Nick Kennedy (the original Earthlings cohort) in about 1983. Recorded (almost) live 29.06.08 with John Swain on vox.

Subject to Status Another Kennedy-Platt composition, written in about 1998. " You never read what you sign". It's probably about as metal as we get. Recorded (almost) live 29.06.08 with John Swain on vox.

Illusions Angst-ridden Kennedy-Platt ballad of unrequited love, written in 1978. Dan Friess (who played keyboards on the 2008 session) quite liked the mixing of soul and rock. Recorded (almost) live 29.06.08 with John Swain on vox.

Oil Fast & punchy protest song. Geoff wrote this in 1976 at the height of the '70s oil crisis and it still holds true today. Geoff on vox & playing all instruments, recorded spring 2012. King Kong This has been rolling around in Geoff's head since 2004. The Purplest of the tracks, it's a satire on male role models. Great Hammond solo from Tony Salway. Geoff on vox, bass & guitar, recorded spring 2012.

Freedom Another demo to add to the list, mixing heavy riffs with big tunes. Written by Geoff Platt and Andy Harden in about 1979. The real personnel will replace all this in due course, but you get the idea. Geoff on vox & playing all instruments, recorded spring 2012.

Chameleon, Illusions and Subject to Status © Kennedy-Platt. Oil, King Kong © Platt Freedom © Harden-Platt All rights reserved. Catch you on the flipside. Geoff