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New Songs and Jelly Beans

There are recipe books for combining your Jelly Belly flavors together to make jelly bean equivalents of real world treats. Two blueberry jb's plus a buttered popcorn equals a blueberry muffin.

In that same spirit, allow me to describe the studio songs on the forthcoming lion_drome CD, "Curve of the Earth".

The Nite is On = The Epilogues + Filter + Motley Crue + John Tesh

Winter = Imagine Dragons + Bonnie Tyler + The Cars +Neal Schon

Curve of the Earth = Live + Dada (+ OHM for extended version)

Shake it Off = Chris Issac + Jack White

2 Eve = Duran Duran + Porcupine Tree

Angel (Nobody Told You) = RHCP + U2

Then It All Went White = U2 + Porcupine Tree

That Bird Don't Fly 'Round Here No More = Jeff Buckley + Gotye + Bjork

Special guest on new single this summer.

Looking forward to working with Epilogues front man Chris Heckman on new lion_drome single, "The Nite is On", this summer. Just finished tracking the drums last weekend with Kenny James on the skins. secrete weapon was the baby monitor we stashed in the stairwell for some trashy ambient energy. Used 14 tracks of drums!!! Sounds huge. Off to a nice start.

Chris Poland

Guitar maestro Chris Poland (Megadeth, OHM) has contributed two takes to the outro solo on Curve of the Earth. The radio mix will not feature either but the maxi-single will have 2 versions of the extended version for your enjoyment. I've worked with Chris once before as a member of GasHead. He put down some amazing licks on a song called Skeletal. He is a super humble and talented dude. I'd suggest everyone check out all of the projects he's been a part of since the seminal Megadeth release from 1986, Peace Sells but Who's Buying?. He was perfect for the end of Curve. He's always had a jazz slant inform his playing and the end of the song just had a couple of chilled out dimished chords ripe for that style. Some of you may not know that his index finger on his fret hand doesn't bend, something that really adds to his unique voice. He had an accident severing his tendon when he was a teenager. Anyways, I am really appreciative of his help on my work and can't wait to mix it in.