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UNIT F / Blog

2015 Unit F moves ahead

Cheers...and Thanks for checking out our first blog. Whether you are a long time Unit F fan, or a new fan, know that we appreciate you guys taking the time to find your way here. Hopefully, you were at one of the recent gigs, because suddenly we got real busy. Which is good. With 2015 comes a new line up that we were busy putting together at the end of 2014 when Tony Lepre left, and we parted ways with Sean Williams (Provider, 30 Foot Demon, Whores of Tiajuana) and Collin (Outlast). So, when I say 'we', it was basically Dave Costa and myself again. Luckily, we reached out to Phil Moore, an old friend through several bands (No Victor), and just like that, he brought with him Guillermo SantaCruz from No Victor, and suddenly, we had the makings of a new line up. At the very least, we were a bunch guys who have been around the OC scene for a while, and could converse about anything musical...so to have a conversation A(ahem, or rather a debate) about Metal vs Prog, or who influenced what when it came to old english progressive bands, was pretty cool, especially when at any time the discussion would jump the rails to talk about the Wierdos, or Jello's new band, or Off!. So then, ironically, along comes a gentlemen named Mark Bolton, who played with alot of guys who were pioneers in the OC sound (pick an Agnew, any Agnew), not to mention 45 Grave. Creative, cool and experienced, dude was a perfect fit, and wouldn't you know, he dug Unit F. Fast forward to March of 2015. We now have 3 shows under our belt, a secret show at the Doll Hut, a not so secret show at the Slide Bar, and a very not so secret show with RF7 at Loaded in Hollywood. Up next is our old haunt the Pierviw Pub in Oceanside, and then...we help Erin from Pierview help inagurate her new bar in Laguna Niguel, the Karman Bar, with our friends Last to Know and Oddball who are on tour from San Diego. And listen, we are aware that most of the shows have been 21 & over, so we promise to start working on some All Ages shows....promise fulfilled! April 25th...in Santa Ana...check the facebook page and we will create an event with all the details. St. Patricks day will be a show at a place I never thought I would say we played: the Rainbow Room in Hollywood, Lenny's second home, and favorite haunt of most current, wanna be and has been rock star every to pass through the town. And we are bring our sonic fury to ...those 'hallowed' grounds? Interesting..... Merch is another thing to get caught up on...so we will. White Circle Unit F shirts (War is the Enemy of Humanity), the Trishy Trashy American Shutdown black T's, and hopefully the Manifesto (Remember trees? as seen as on TV) Treestump design. So thats it for now....next....I am going to talk about some of our new songs. Y'all stop by the Facebook page and say hi.... www.facebook.com/unitfband Cheers Mel

Bipsy Joins Heather

Another year, and still the parade of henious crimes of 'passion' continue. This time it took a young musicians life, and I dare say, that unfortunately, her story is but one of many. Some involve the children. Some involve the innocent, sometimes, no one is innocent. As a band, Unit F had to write a song about this lower based desire which we so carelessly slap onto relationships...this thing we refer to as Love. And yet, just look around at how we use love, to justify our possesion of another, our obsession of another, and the destruction of others, all because we simply could not figure out what the hell it means. It all starts inside. It is said that we cannot give away, that which we do not have. And so it is with the affairs of the heart. At the very least....we must begin to take responsibility for who we are, and what we stand for as reflected in our relationships...the violence, and the abuse, as it is reflected by these ridiculous crimes of passion, have to stop. We post here the lyrics to our song Heather. We hope to have it recorded soon. It was written, because between Chris and I, given the seven separation, we could count between us four different women whose tragic and untimely deaths, were due to some tool who lost his mind because he was 'in love'. And this does not count the monthly news accounts, with breathless details of the grisly occurances. And now this. This talented musician, Bipsy, who lived in Temecula, and meant so much to so many. http://fullvaluereview.com/2009/02/17/temecula-singer-murder-the-last-bipsy-%e2%80%93-forever-27/ This song, remains dedicated to the memories of those who have suffered so, under the pretense of Love, who now speak to us to find a Higher Way.

The Story Of Heather

The story of "Heather"

Shawna Nelson had a three-year affair with Ignacio Garraus, Heather Garraus’ husband, and the relationship resulted in a baby boy who will turn 2 in about two weeks. Nelson was a former dispatcher in Weld County and was married to Ken Nelson, a member of the Weld County Drug Task Force and a former sheriff’s investigator.

The affair ended in December 2006 after Ignacio Garraus confessed to his wife.

Prosecutors say Shawna Nelson viewed Heather Garraus as an obstacle to a lasting relationship between herself and Ignacio Garraus. Several witnesses have testified that Shawna Nelson hated Heather Garraus and some witnesses said Nelson confided that she wanted to get rid of her rival.Shawna Nelson had a three-year affair with Ignacio Garraus, Heather Garraus’ husband, and the relationship resulted in a baby boy who will turn 2 in about two weeks. Nelson was a former dispatcher in Weld County and was married to Ken Nelson, a member of the Weld County Drug Task Force and a former sheriff’s investigator.

Heather Garraus sat on her knees with her arms raised as a masked assailant shot her point-blank in the head twice, said witness Melinda Maeder Thursday in the Shawna Nelson’s murder trial.

Maeder choked back tears as she recalled the night of Jan. 23, 2007, when she watched Garraus die four feet away from her in the parking lot of Credit Union of Colorado, formerly Colorado State Employee’s Credit Union in Greeley.

Maeder, who worked with Garraus at the credit union, described the shooter as average height weighing around 160 to 200 pounds and wearing a “Halloween costume.”

“I saw a weapon pointed at Heather as she was getting down on the ground,” said Maeder looking as if she were sick as she recalled the memory in court.

“They were dressed in all black and told her to get on ground, then she was shot.”

Maeder was one of four witnesses present the night of the shooting who testified to what they witnessed.

During opening statements Thursday afternoon, the prosecution said Nelson shot Garraus twice in the head because she was jealous Garraus’ husband, Ignacio Garraus, would not leave his wife.

“There is not just DNA evidence, but friends too, like Michelle Moore. Moore will testify to this obsession with Ignacio. She will tell you that the defendant confided in her that she wanted Heather Garraus dead so the three of them could run off and live happily ever after,” said prosecutor Gregory Lammons.

Both the defense and prosecution agree Nelson and Ignacio Garraus had an "on again off again" affair for more than two years that resulted in Nelson having Ignacio Garraus’ child.

Shawna Nelson is now serving life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Ignacio Garraus has since moved to Florida with his daughter to flee the guilt of his decision that killed a mother, friend, and faithful wife. She will be missed.

Please feel free to read the entire story at: