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Klunj / Blog


Things to do: rerecord all screwed up parts of the album. Create cover art. Sell, sell, sell. iTunes won't know what hit it.


This blog is not intended to inform or entertain any persons deceased or living. Any information or entertainment perceived by anyone is purely coincidental. The sole purpose of this blog is to raise band equity for Klunj. Note, Klunj is awesome.


What has more balls than a Scallywag's play pit? That's right, the latest song from Klunj. So what's been happening in the Klunjeon you ask? The latest addition to the Klunj Axe-Rack is the sexiest Hagstrom hollow body you can legally buy without ID. This things sonic capabilities will be released in the coming few days. Make sure to pop some mad headphones on when hearing this bad boy. It'll be paired with some lush stereo chorus. With this effect swirling around your head you'd swear you were drowning in a whirlpool... even if you're not.


Does my computer have p-plates? Because it keeps crashing. As it turns out my Amplitube 3 effects are far too awesome for my craptop computer to comprehend. Still, I am well on my way to reaching my 10 song goal. And there are some seriously jizz-worthy songs coming (no pun intended). Among which will be a never before accomplished finger style version of a popular metallica song. Get ya hopes up.