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You guys made it happen…. Our tunes went from not even being on the radar, to number 41 on the rock charts in two weeks. That’s incredible.  I may not have the most fans, buy I have the best – people who genuinely feel the vibe of the music and relate it to their lives. [...]

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Aside from today being totally insane – Imanaged to get some stuff accomplished. Band pages, new music, twitter updates, my mystery merchandise I’m developing. Play by plays are boring….but I can’t wait to fully promote this album, book and video. Oh yeah, I’m doing a video for ‘Firefly.’ Go take a listen….!! jakearnold.bandcamp.com

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I’m excited to announce that I finished my album last week.  It still needs some editing and mixing, but stay tuned…. It’s coming along faster than I could have hoped!  I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. I’ve poured countless hours and work into making this thing as emotionally gripping as possible. 

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Custom LEDs in the jeep today… Plus 1.5″ spacers

Before and after.  I chose 1.5″ spacers because I love a wide stance, plus, I’m planning on putting at least 265 sized tires on.  Next up…….. 2″ lift kit. I don’t do anything too crazy, so I really don’t feel the need to go bigger. Plus, the price goes up EXPONENTIALLY after 2″!

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Custom grill on the jeep today !

I decided to fabricate a custom grill for the jeep. I’ll do a write up later… But here it is.. I love it personally.  Next up? Led lights in the cabin for the kiddos entertainment!

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Got me a jeep!

So I got a 2006 Jeep Cherokee Laredo for a few reasons. Mainly, my old altima bit the dust. But aside from that, I needed more room and I missed going off road. It was a hobby that helped keep me sane.  Here she is the day I got her! Bailey (my wolf girlfriend) approves!

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It’s been forever. Forever.

Welcome back.  To me.  I’ve been out of the picture for so long. Work has been insane and the amount of effort going into this album has been ridiculous. I hate that I’ve neglected the blog, but certain things take priority… Time to update regularly!  My apologies…

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Vacation finally!

We miss a ton as cops… kids functions, school events, holidays, etc. Finally though, I was able to get vacation time to go to a cousins wedding in Miami. It was a three day Venezuelan wedding, and it was insane! I’ll post pictures soon. I can’t even explain how great it was to not be [...]

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Baby Blue Death in My Hands

I got the call over the radio. He wasn’t breathing and was blue. I was less than twenty seconds away. I got on scene and met with a friend in the driveway who was in utter panic and shock. So much so, that he couldn’t even tell me where his friend was. I had to [...]

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It’s not a Chevy…Even Though it Says “Chevy”

The most common question I get is by far, “Hey man, what kind of car is that? I’ve never seen a Chevy that looks like that before. Is that the new Impala?” Alas, it is not. It’s the brand new Chevy Caprice…..kinda. It’s actually designed and manufactured by an Australian company called Holden. The vehicle [...]

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