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The Punknecks / Blog

some of you know some of ya dont???

well,some of you know the Punknecks ,are a huge band if you could for , one moment get everyone, that plays with the unit 2gether..lol.. its funny how far the Bands gotten from bein at times ranging from 2 upto 9 people,but over the past yr. its been a crazy duet,THE MOST POWERFUL DUET IN THE FUKKIN WORLD,to be honest with you,EVER!!!! held 2gether by myself{Jason Punkneck} and the best lookin chick in the ALT.COUNTRY WORLD,miss POLLY PUNKNECK..for over 5yrs..4 and a half which have been on the road solid..coast to coast border to border.. 40 states 7 vehicles and alot of band members..been VOTED most outstanding Alt.country Band 2yrs in a row thru LOs Angeles'ROCK CITY NEWS AWARDS..which is where the PUNKNECKS started to build as a stage act..playin with ARTISTS as an opening act,such as UNCLE KRACKER and Bob wayne and the Outlaw Carnies,Pine Box Boys,.357 stringband,God Damn Gallows,Junkrod Joe and the Cadillac hearse,Adam Lee and the Dead horse Sound Company,also-Great White,for whom canceled and the Punknecks rock the shit outta the place.and many more...the Punknecks play 280-300 shows and showcases and festivals a yr.. slowly BUILDING a intimate and close Fan Base/Audience..all because, we love what we do,and if you love what ya do you,then ya dont have to work a day in your life... PASSION,DEVOTION,TRUTH.....jp

we are in Florida ready to rock the SUNSHINE STATE..

well we made it to Florida and are ready to rock the socks off all Floridians....so make sure to check our Tour Dates,and tell yur friends to try and make a rare PERFORMANCE by Jason and the Punknecks w/The Texas Paul Sutherland band, and Smokestack and the Foothill Fury...make sure to check for NEW PUNKNECK VIDEOS on youtube.. and we are NOW BOOKING TEXAS for jan..

we are Now Booking, and heading to Florida

so we been kickin ass all over the country,now its full circle back to florida,for the month of oct. contact us if interested in doin a show...thanx for yur support.. tell all yur friends about the Punknecks comin to town...

we had a blast..

we had a blast in East Tn.. Omannins pub,thanx for the good time ...and then we rocked,Knoxville,tn,@ the Longbranch and met some good friends.. we high tailed it from Knoxville,tn. to Lebanon,Tn.out to John Deeres Farm and rock out with some of the best bands out there,for nick and Jenny roulettes wedding reception..we drank a shit ton of moonshine and met some new awesome friends.. HUNGOVER as hell we got to rock with CutthroAT Shamrock @ the Foobar in East Nashville,tn..it was awesome to hang and play with those guys,finally we get to take a few days off to recover from a week of hard partyin..we diid have to fix the van before all the madness this week in elbow deep grease.. thanx to mike boyer for the help.....jp

East Tn. to Florida

we are fixin to rock the whole East Tn,all the way thru the Midwest,to Florida...hope to see some of yall out there ..tell some friends and keep the Moonshine comin and Smokin the Herb...make sure to get a chance to Google:Punknecks.. join our mailing list here on reverbnation and look at our top friends on myspace for awesome underground music..

well our tour is just always a success

so we have been rockin tn,mo,ky,oh,mi,the past couple of months,and its been fun seein all those old ass faces we have not seen in a while,, if anyone out there has any photos or videos post them and tag them Jason and the PUnknecks,we need all the support we can get out there so if we are playin close get out and come see us...michigan 2 new york next week..


ya think a venue would know they were closing alot longer than 2 days before yur show????it happens to us all the time.. if ya wanna see a good show make the next Punknecks show and be entertained for once...

we got KY this weekend..

we are rollin upto Ky,in Aminute to play Louisville's Highland Tap room on bardstown road,10pm ,2nite..so tell some friends if ya can..we had some awesome Nashville shows recently.. i totally suggest to not sit still and idle if yur in a band and playin all the time locally,we did thAT exact thing over the winter and it sucked saturatin our fans and our venues,playin locally all the time can and will de-saturate the amount of people at yur shows.unless yur a cover band..so play other citys within 20-60 miles away a few times a week and you can make a livin.and make fans...to bring to the bigger city's..let the party commence and all ahil Jason and the PUnknecks.. see yall soon sometime,,,Jason and the punknecks..........HELP SPREAD THE WORD

come out and support local and live music

we play all over the country damn near year round..we would love to see some of yall out there at our shows.. come hang and be entertained,and have a drink with us or smoke some green..lookin forward to seein ya.. also make sure to tell us how you heard of us..thanx Jatp

trying to climb that Ladder

Jason and the Punknecks have been pullin our rank in the national music community,we need yur help..contactin your local media such as newspapers and radio stations. also support in cd sales http://cdbaby.com/punknecks2