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CTtherealest / Blog


There are a lot of musically talented people in this world. Some do it for money. Some do it for fame. Some do it just to be heard. I personally am one of the ones who does want to be heard. I have a message that is in my music that has to be heard by every single individual possible. I'm not the average Detroit rapper who talks about materialistic things that I do not have. I was always taught to keep it real and thats just what I do. I rap about my life, other peoples lives and real life situations. Yeah i can rap about drugs, gang-bangin, gettin money, kill a cop but that not what I'm about. I have rapped about those things but I can only rap about what I've actually done. I sold drugs before but not real heavy. I have my gang ties and affiliations. I get legal money as well as my own sideline hustle nothing illegal. But the moral of this blog i just be yourself don't try to be something/someone your not because in the midst or doing that you will lose your own self trying to be that thing/person. Persevere yourself to just be you nobody else and you shall be the best at what you do becuse no one know you better than yourself and by you being different you may start of trend to have people wanting to be like you but allow those followers to live their own lives not your.