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LaSanche / Blog

LaSanche update

Ok some more news from the last time I updated the Blog. I suppose this will be thew way to get info from us for the time being as it is the fastest way to spill our guts and fill all youz guyz in to what is happening in the LaSanche camp. Recording the Album. We actually have a real live drummer who offered to record the drums for the album. Bryan Gastelum - Preteen Deathfuck, ex- Plutonian Shore will handle the recording sessions. I have already sent three songs to him to start tracking. I have otherwise had to put LaSanche into the backseat this month, as I am doing live session work for Blood Storm on August 30 up in Philadelphia. Seeing how I will be the only guitarist on this venture and Mezzadurus handling bass and vocals. I want to make sure that I will be playing the set as well as I can play my own music. Mezzadurus and MacCriunna are dear friends of mine, and I want to give them a better performance than I would on the best of any of my shows. Having to learn 11 songs spanning 20 years, and learning them perfectly as Mezzadurus wrote them as well as having to learn and mimic his picking style, so they sound as Blood Storm fans expect is a chore as three was less than a whole month from when the show was greenlighted with the promoter until our first rehearsal this past weekend. Dealing with life's regular mundane issues, LaSanche, and learning Blood Storm material was a bit much. LaSanche is easy to pick back up as it is just recording scratch tracks and sending Bryan tempo map details. Helping good friends sometimes requires sacrifice and to sacrifice something close and dear to you to help your brothers in their time of need is worth doing. For any interested, and you damn well should be. The new Blood Storm is very soon coming out on Barbarian Wrath Records. I recorded the guitar lead tracks for this in January, so I will be on the album as well. For those in the San Antonio area, Derek is helping Bryan with live bass sessions for the time being and they have a show this Friday at Zombies on Thousand Oaks. I will cross post their live schedule in the blog. Until next time, Bjorn Haga

LaSanche Update!!!!

Ok If you want to read what has been going on with us, here is the scoop. We played our last show December 29 or something to that effect in Austin. Fantastic show.... We(Rather myself and Derek) spent January and most of February finalizing a couple songs for full length. We showed these to Dave, and he started to work on one entitled Hel, but due to his job schedule at the time, he wasnt able to make regular practices, so I offfered to use an additional day or two with one on one with him and I using his available time to bring him up to speed. THis happened once maybe twice, then no responses to phone calls, texts, or emails. He went vaporware. Of course I am not going to hound him, if he wants to leave, fine... He left his drumset at rehearsal space, his PA at my place. No communication. I went through a couple weeks of depression thinking that I spent the last four years trying to get LaSanche going. Hell we even had some offers to do some minor shows in Eastern Europe. Only to have it blow up in my face because of one person. I had a long talk with Derek and we decided that we shall push forward. In this day and age. One does not absolutely need a human behind a drumset. Enter Bjorn giving himself a crash course in drum programming. Superior Drummer is a dream compared to programming on a tracker with old school samples like I used to do when demoing new Necrovore music with Jon Deplachett when we were working on new Necrovore material that never came to be. Fast forward to late April, early May, We finally settled on all tempos for the songs and I started building the click tracks to use when we record. We are re-recording the Death Magick songs as we re-wrote some things and I was never fully proud of that demo, as I thought the studio rushed us, the song tempos were too fast where whole portions sounded like crap, due to playing too fast. Also, the engineer was way way too liberal with the drum editing to the point where he used the same drum fills for almost all the songs and that is not how they were written. We have 6 new songs that only three were ever played live and not really up to my standards on them either, the recording will be how I envisioned them. For fun we are also doing a couple covers. A Necrovore song, and a couple of Discharge songs that we dig. Actual tracking starts within the next 10 days.

I have also decided that I will not press a cd run. I am not going to shop this cd, as I can release this myself. Who wants to press an affordable package of cd's when they will only find their way on to a torrent site, and you get stuck with hundreds of product that never sells. I would rather allow folks to download the songs as they desire at a much more reasonable rate than what I would need to charge for a cd. Now a vinyl or other medium release, we shall see. I have some cool plans for that that most will find interesting.

As for live stuff, we will again hit the stage in time. Not sure with who playing what on what. I do know I will be on guitar at the minimum, and Derek on bass. Time will tell. If you play drums, have decent equipment and want to build something great, get a hold of me. Same goes for second guitar.

That is about it for now.... I want to inform our fans, and associates, I have been way lazy on Reverbnation. I do get the weekly updates, but if you made it this far, you can understand why I neglected this page for a while. I will be more active here starting now....

May all of you have the good fortune of the Gods. Bjorn Haga

LaSanche update

Our show in Houston last month went quite well. It was great seeing old friends while making some new ones. I want to thank Art for including us on the bill. Hope to work with you again soon.

Two things happened after the Houston gig. Chris and Joe both decided to leave LaSanche. They are now working on a new project called Unicron. We wish them the best in their endeavors.

With those two leaving, Dave and I decided to keep the ball rolling and have recruited Derek Rivers on bass, and Randy Cadena on vocals. while I enjoyed doing vocals in LaSanche, I am no frontman. I would rather step aside from the mic and allow someone who is a frontman(as well as a better vocalist) take center stage. This it allows me to concentrate on my guitar playing.

I will say that we are firing on all cylinders now and LaSanche is tighter, and more fierce than ever. I look forward to unleashing LaSanche mk.II At Zombies on May 18.

LaSanche enters studio for upcoming release on Gruft Produktion(POL)..

We are currently recording a track with Mike of Necroinferno Blasphemies Studio for an upcoming release with Gruft Produktion(POL). The title of the track is Blood and Soil. Gruft is releasing the Death Magick demo on cassette and we decided to add a song for this release to balance the cassette. This recording of Blood and Soil will only be released with Death Magick on Gruft Productions. We are honored to be working with Mike of Necroinferno Blasphemies and Mephisto of Gruft Produktion for this special release of 200 cassettes. Gruft Produktion gruft.prv.pl is a diehard promoter of filthy death and black metal from the darkest recesses of the Polish underground. Necroinferno Blasphemies is the studio of Necroinferno of Burial Shroud, Gnostic, and ex-Thornspawn.

Zombie's show recap

Friday's show went over fairly well. Aside from some minor technical difficulties we played well, and the sound was decent. There is a video up on youtube.com check it out.