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Exert from my Bobliography - Out Soon

The staff were good value too. Dennis Brown was a 74 year old apprentice but a fully qualified pervert. Dennis loved to talk about sex at any given moment and his favourite story was the one of the male stallion. As he tells the tale his eyes start to roll and a light drizzle of spittle starts speckling you from his mouth. God help you If you got cornered by him as there was a chance you’d drown. He continues about the stallion and how it was brought into the stable and the female was tied up ready and wet and waiting. The stallions cock is introduced to the females vagina and with a plank of 4 x 2 they hit the stallions arse and he thrusts his enormous cock into female vagina ejaculates and pulls out. Once and once only. They take the males cock and place it in a bowl of cold water steam comes off it as it the friction was so strong as he penetrated the female. By this time Dennis had hyperventilated and had to be sat in the office till he calmed down. He told me this at least once a week and loved to talk about how when he was younger his cock was the size of a WD40 can and now he uses his finger as it’s bigger than his cock. Pure filth but a legend of La Moye.

CD Launch Weekend

Nov 4th/5th/6th 2011

Well what a great weekend in Jersey. I put the Trafalgar under pressure when 56 people turned up and sardined into the back rom for an evening of musical greatness.. Marcus Harley wowed the crowd with his cerebal free flow rapping and then Chris Almond did a superb slide show with a sound track of tunes from "Contradictions" Big thanks to Naomi West, Andy Coleman, Chris Herbert, Monika Jurkewitz and Christy for the final jam out.. Brilliant night and the CD "Tongue & Groove" is officially out there....

Sat seen the town leg of the release at White label Records. Jersey used to have a few indy record shops but this one seems to have lasted.. Mal White let me strum away and we had the street dancing to the tunes.. Nice vibe up in upper colomberie, watch this space for muiscal soirees there..

Sunday 5pm at the Bean around the world coffee shop. I invited the talents of Stephan Metcalfe for the support slot and it turned into a lovely evening of music.. A small crowd stayed for the whole show and were treated to songs off all my 6 releases. From mandolin tunes to the older Fathers chair. Great end to a weekend of music.

Thanks all the people who made it so lovely


New Zealand and the road

Hey fans of me.

Please keep checking the dates on the tour of New Zealand .. Who knows I could be heading into your town for a showcase. Keep it real brothers and sisters