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Bands who cancelled night of show on us

Out of Ashes, Ampora, A Deadly Wish, Mirrored, Portrait of Gray, Chemi-Kill,Sun Luna

Betrayal Lyrics

Deny the pain you hide, Clutching at your chest you feel nothing inside. Frantically screaming there’s no way off this ride, your search for a way out nowhere to hide. Pain is writhing through your veins, nothing left for you remains. Fervent searching traumatic feigns, leaving you disgruntled and insane. Tearing away at your own, own flesh. You have nothing, nothing left. Your life a tragedy, you must now accept. No mental shields, to help deflect. Mentality gone: no self-respect. No joy left in retrospect. Hatred in control of your intellect. Clock ticking its last seconds. Death is coming for your soul, no savior left. Denial of your existence as your mind fills with regret. Self-loathing defeated game, match, set. Everything you wanted out of life cursed so you told yourself. Bringing pain and agony to yourself. Placing them high on your mental shelf. Never good enough to live among the world. Self-defeating prophecy, into happiness you never delved. Critical judgment of yourself. You took your own life out of spite and pain. Never thinking of what tomorrow may bring. Friends and Family never knowing your secret shame, your life was not lived in vein. If only we had the chance to save you from the darkness that engulfed your beautiful soul. We would have taken the time to tell you in our lives you play an important role. Nothing would have stopped us from preventing this horrible death goal.

Visions of Death Lyrics

Out from darkness I awake from an evil vision of death. Demons and Angels, fighting until their last breath. Pits of hell burning around me, self-preservation will save me! My soul on the line, losing means eternal defeat. This nightmare I will beat. Sword in hand, slicing all around me. In a wicked ghost dance, entranced. The ancient warriors can’t find the strength to defeat me. The power of the gods surging through me, moving me back and forth like a death breeze. Something inside is fueling this hatred no turning back, I am a killer The battle continues as I hack my way through the enemy’s lines. Defeating as many as can be conceived. Dull sword swinging deeply into their flesh. Fevered and unfazed I carve a corpse maze. Kicking in teeth, Portioning bodies in half I am not looking back. This nightmare may never end but I will not let them win. Out from darkness I awake from an evil vision of death. Demons and Angels, fighting until their last breath. Pits of hell burning around me, self-preservation will save me! My soul on the line, losing means eternal defeat. Visions of Death! Visions of Death! Visions of Death ! Visions of Death! Surround me! Surround me! Surround me! Surround me! Visions of Death! Surrounding me!

The Unknown Lyrics

Blasphemous: tormenting life into flames. Denial, based on incompetence. Mind serving time for inequalities. Dissemination force fed lies in mass quantities. Inside burrowing deep beneath unconscious eye. Genocide, face the truth we all will die. We fear a trip into the unknown. No looking back at our own imperfections. Afraid to reach the next level, of our human potential. Lost in false stipulation, crossed the lines of irritation. Enraged by the segregation, untouched areas of hate formation. Encaged by mass population, suicidal planes crashing into nation. Fevered from political bullshit, undeserved manipulations our life is counterfeit. Our surmise, spill the toxic wasted on our hypocrisies. Realize we will never live out our fantasies. Rich men, never hurt by atrocity. Why defend? We are the bug they are squashing. Mind control lost from fits of anarchy, my thoughts now belong to me.

Dissecting Sanity Lyrics

Mind racing from this poison on which I feed. The demons that will be the death of me. I feel it’s pull on my inner agony, It’s draining my will to be. Lost in this world without sanity, slowly drinking my life into eternal sleep. The more I taste the more I need. My life decomposing right in front of me. Uncontrollable, demons free! Breaking down, I need just one more glass. Myself a stranger, personality is going fast. I’ve lost this race to my haunted past. It slowly tears me down one emotion to another, my heart is bleeding. My senses smothered. All the cries overwhelm each other. Sanity long gone, too deep now to recover. Conquered by hate I try to flee, There is no escape from this insanity. Darkness falling all around me, I am my own worst enemy. Voices piercing my inner sanity, redemption is lost to me. Blind Rage, I’m Angry. Blind Rage, I can’t see. Blind Rage, It’s feeding on me. Blind Rage, Suicidal Frenzy. Blind Rage, I’m lost forever. Blind Rage, My life is shred to pieces. Blind Rage, Alone in this insanity. Blind Rage, vanished right in front of me.

(Mass) Neurotic Triad Lyrics

I have lost control, nothing can save me. In my private hell: sanity far away from me. No life in my eyes, thoughts only shame. Mankind I despise, Please erase me. Damaging the subconscious ability to phase out the past, pressing rewind on your brain’s tape player and then hitting play right on cue to destroy you. Tearing down the walls that separate our conscious and subconscious efforts. We are lost! Lost in turmoil. That blinds our thoughts and visions. Through the darkness we tread water that surrounds our souls ability to be free. Searching for color in the dark, not noticing that skin peels and words hurt. Sticks and stones may break bones but words will forever torment me.