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Larry Insana / Blog

05-08-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Easy Street”

05-08-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Easy Street” Anybody know where this “Easy Street” is? I would very much like to move there!...I’ve spent a great deal of this life on “Hard Street” and I think I’m ready to relocate…please send directions….plain and simple.

05-07-13-My Morning Thoughts: “My Hobo Song”

05-07-13-My Morning Thoughts: “My Hobo Song” “Got nothing against policemen, got nothing against firemen, never saw myself in an office, cause I like working with my hands…just give me a stick with my bindle on the back hopping the trains ya that’s where it’s at…a Hobo…I just want to be a Hobo…town to town like a millionaire, without the money, don’t even care, cause I got the world right over my shoulder and I feel like part of the land… just give me a stick with my bindle on the back hopping the trains ya that’s where it’s at…a Hobo…I just want to be a Hobo…some might call it a hanky and some might say bandana but the true name is bindle and it holds my world wherever I may roam…don’t call me a tramp cause I’m a working man and never say bum cause I move all I can, you might say vagabond…but I like Hobo… just give me a stick with my bindle on the back hopping the trains ya man that’s where it’s at…a Hobo…I just want to be a Hobo”…plain and simple.

05-06-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Sin Tax”

05-06-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Sin Tax” I heard cigarettes and alcohol are going to be taxed “again” on a federal sin tax plan…I’m totally against the sin tax’s and probably always will be I imagine. I just can never figure out why one group of people get singled out and pay more when the tax money is used by all? Wouldn’t it make more sense to tax something everyone uses…like…say…”toilet paper”…plain and simple.

05-03-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Traveling”

05-03-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Traveling” Did you guys sing songs while traveling? Man my family had songs for everything! If we weren’t singing about something we were playing the see how many different license plates we could find. Ya when I wasn’t in trouble things were pretty damn good back then…have a great weekend and don’t be afraid to smile as much as you can…I know it feels like it sometime but you can’t “break” a smile…plain and simple.

05-02-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Girl Scouts”

05-02-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Girl Scouts” My mother was a Girl Scout den mother when my sister was a member. Me being 4 years younger than my sister and my dad working all the time…guess what I was…yep the only boy that went to girl scout stuff!...however, when I look back now I did have fun on the overnight’s…just saying…plain and simple.

05-01-13-My Morning Thoughts:

05-01-13-My Morning Thoughts: I always thought the coolest part of childhood was when the older kids asked me to join in some game…even if it was just cause they couldn’t find anybody else! I could care less why…because they asked me to play I was on top of the world!...thinking back now that young experience taught me a tremendous amount of life in what now I know was such a short period in time…well anyway, thank you to all my big brothers back then…and the nice thing about that is…most of you know who you are…plain and simple.

04-30-13-My Morning Thoughts:

04-30-13-My Morning Thoughts: Some day’s I just think of how easy it was back in the day. No responsibilities, no worries just a bunch of fun with a bunch of friends! Never had worry about how I was going to pay the mortgage, fill up the gas tank; pay the electric bill…nothing! The only thoughts were how much fun and playing time we could get in before nightfall…and man did we ever pack in the playing time back then!...no wonder we were all so skinny back in the day…plain and simple.

04-25-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Before I was 3” (#4)

04-25-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Before I was 3” (#4) Don’t get mad…(and I love ya sis if you’re out there) but I half to tell this one! My sister (who I love very much by the way) decided we should play hide & seek in the dark in our apartment. She was older so she made the rules…in the dark she put me on a wooden stool and told me to count to 10…I don’t even remember if I could count to 10 but anyway…I forgot that I was standing on this wooden stool and went to step towards the door to do my seeking part…Well, the stool kicked out from under my feet and I fell right on the stool (kind a like the movie Million Dollar Baby) but I hit my mouth instead of my neck!...off to the hospital again, but that was only like 15 stitches and a fat lip…plain and simple.

04-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: Fear?

04-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: Fear? I sure wish fear didn’t come with age! If my memory is correct, I just don’t remember much fear as a kid…now don’t get me wrong I did some things that got the adrenalin flowing to top capacity but the fear part just wasn’t in the picture normally. Now…it’s hard for me to get on the roof and fix 3 shingles that blew off from the last storm!...ya this aging thing really sucks sometime…LOL…everyone be safe this weekend and enjoy your family and friends…plain and simple.

04-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Missing Trophy”

04-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Missing Trophy” “I never really won a trophy before unless you count the bicycle-rodeo championship in six grade”........that was going to be my first line when I won song of the year at the 33rd Annual Grammy awards (I set my goals a little high sometimes)…I think this year is the 55th show!...needless to say that’s as far as I ever had to write that speech…now I’m shooting for the 66th Grammy awards and hoping they have a “senior” category by then…follow your dreams all, it makes for some exiting days and nights…plain and simple.