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Jesus Chrysler / Blog


Michael Jordan once said "Republicans buy tennis shoes too.” My thoughts exactly. It's important to believe in things. To stand for something. To have morals and conviction. Establish opinions. None of which can be done without also knowing what you do understand and what you can't. Knowing there is a difference between what you know and what you want to be true. That even if you still feel the way you do, there are legitimate points to the other side, and discounting that is just stupid and frankly weakens your position.

Bands should make money. That brass ring exists as a motivator for dinks like me. The thought and the belief that you can do it is what rock n roll and fuckin America is all about. I just don't think that a million dollar mansion comes with a right or an obligation to preach to the suckers who made it possible. Show them some respect. Just say thanks.