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Homebrew Holler / Blog

Music and News around the world

Jason likes to watch BBC Africa on the weekends to keep up on news near our friends overseas - I have been closely watching Kenya and Sudan. Ending Corporate Personhood in the US would be a great thing around the world! I loved how musical and joyous the people were in the country in Kenya.

Getting things moving!

We are playing in two states now, seems like we are chugging along nicely. The greatest thing about all this is how we have reconnected with old friends, met new friends, and watched as our kiddos became really involved in the music community. Why did we wait so long to get back into the business again?

Over 1000 people in the last 30 days!

We have played to over 1000 people in the last 30 days and the only reason I noticed this was because I track it in Reverbnation. Personally I have only kept track of the really really good time we are having. I keep thinking back to Taffys of Eaton Ohio, Tootles of Circleville Ohio, and tonight at Muddy Boots in Nashville. Each place so unique and each crowd so greatly supporting their local music scene. I just feel like I am once again a small part of something really great and I love doing this. I love meeting people who love music and I love what this is doing for my family, especially my kids. Tonight we had a 13 year old and 14 year old singer/songwriters up to the showcase stage and they rocked the house! People couldnt believe that they are writing such great stuff at such young ages. I am excited to ride this wave and find out where it will take me and my family next - who knows maybe back to Kentucky - wouldnt that be funny for me? Going to the motherland for my family, the place where my ancestors cut out a life for themselves for generations, just to bring back the music they brought with them to Indiana seems so ironic. If this journey takes me there, I am ready to go!

Great Midwest Network being built

There is a great network of artists being built in the Midwest - Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois specifically. Musicians are supporting and following eachother in a way that hasn't really been done in the area before. This is really happening in and around the Americana genre. It is a thrill to be a part of it. Come on out and hear one of these great Midwest jewels and find out what all the buzz is about.

Welcome to the JC Blog

Slowly learning the biz of promotion. I am getting some great new songs written, I cant wait to show them to you! Rock on! See you at John Waynes on Jan 27th