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Jay Mic / Blog


Man I'm listening to (Listen Before You Judge Mixtape) this cd is killing alot of shit that these so called rappers make these days and this is way in 2010 OMG.........LMAO.........Shot out to Kj for the feature on that.........Beaumont Kings for Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been Busy Making Money

Now I'm back in,coming full attack on these tracks....

Positive Vibe

Is a new type of rap and it's to the people that need to grow up and be a man.ONLY REAL NIGGAS WILL FEEL THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never Giving Up

It's been a struggle and it continues to be one,but no matter what it's a ending grind.Thanks for every one that's been supporting the movement!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for supporting Beaumont Kings...Just want to let ya'll know that means a lot,and we appreciated.Keep supporting the movement and I promise to keep giving ya'll great music.(THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

For The People

New Songs For The Streets And also for the Lyrical Niggas

New Songs

Vol.6 and still have more coming to you..Its a never ended process,people that listen will be very pleased to know that I'm committed to my craft.........ITS MY WAY OF LIVING..........AND I GIVE IT ALL TO GOD!!!

New Song

Its Not Over Intill Its Over


Thats the name of the song check it out..I did this for everyone out there thats going through it..Its a really heart felt song....FOR THE FANS

For The Fans

Just uploaded a new song check it out