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Core 10 / Blog

Core 10 associated with RESQWATER!!!

Major News!! Core 10 are very excited to announce that we are associated with RESQWATER!! We love this product and will be drinking it in bulk at the Rock the Boat Festival at the Queen Mary on Saturday Sept 13th!! #RESQWATER #WHATTODRINKWHENYOUDRINK #BEREADYFORTODAY

CORE 10 and SWEETDEATH ENT. teaming up for the ROCKTHEBOAT Festival !!!

Great news!!! CORE 10 and SWEETDEATH Ent. are teaming up for the ROCKTHEBOAT Festival on the Queen Mary!!!If you need presale tickets for the show you can buy them through sweetdeath.net!!! We will also be hanging out and doing a meet and greet/signing before and after our set in the SWEETDEATH BOOTH!!! http://www.sweetdeath.net/

Show May 2nd at Fitzgeraldz in Huntington Beach!!!

Damn,May 2nd at Fitzgeralds is shaping up to be one crazy night!! On top of the fact tht it is the kick off to CINCO DE MAYO weekend!!!!! We have an incredible night planned out for you guys!!! First we have amazing rock band Avenging Grace,then 2013 OCMA best blues nominees,Gospel Swamp Blues band, and then of course 2013 best metal nominees Core10....If tt wasnt enough, it's als Ricky Waldrops 50th birthday party and Robert and Tracy Fishers 22nd wedding anniversary!!! This one is gonna be nutz!!! See you there!!!!!! -Core 10


Core 10's long time friend and producer Ronnie King opens up about his past and plays some of the hits from his collection of gold records on KX 93.5 Laguna Beach!! Core 10's hit single "JUMP" is featured on the show and will now be on FX93.5 permanent rotation!! Check out the interview on the PODCAST here... http://www.kx935.com/podcastmp3s/2014/01/24/Ronnie_King_on_Music_Matters.mp3

Great show last night!! So much fun!!

Thanks to all who made it out to the Gaslamp yesterday to see us jam with Green Jelly and the Dwarves!! Special thanks to Jason and Warfest for including us in one of the funnest shows we have ever played!!

Core 10 in 2013

What's up Core 10 Army?? Happy New Year!! Now that we are in 2014 it's time to reflect a little on the year that was...2013 was amazing for us and it far exceeded all our expectations!! First we were nominated by the Orange County Music Awards for BEST METAL BAND 2013!! On top of that we were lucky enough to be able to perform with some of our favorite bands such as KMFDM, Fear Factory, TAPROOT, Boy Hits Car, and Kobra and the Lotus! We were also lucky enough to be selected by our performers right association SESAC as one of the top bands to watch out for in 2013, and featured in their Spring edition industry magazine! We have also been feature in the Fleshwound Films "Crusty 17"!!

And Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, we were able to record our first full length album thanks to all of you who helped us successfully fund our kick starter campaign! We have completed all the tracking and now it is the very capable hands of legendary producer Ronnie King(OFFSPRING,PEPPER,RANCID,PENNYWISE), and Darian Rundall(SUICIDAL TENDENCIES,STRUNG OUT,PENNYWISE,DOKKEN) who are in the process of getting the final mix down finished!! 2013 has been an amazing year for us and we would like to thank all of you guys out there who made all this possible!! Without you we would never have been able to realize so many goals this past year!! Get ready for 2014!! New album will be released and you will be hearing a lot more from us!! Lets start this year off right by making our first show on January 19th at the Gaslamp in Long Beach with Green Jello and the Dwarves the best show to date!!! Hope to see you all there and thanks again!!

Core 10


Core 10 Army!! Here are some more album updates...We have officially named the album!! It will be titled..IRIDIUM!! Iridium is found in meteorites , is the second-densest element, and is the most corrosion-resistant metal...Much like our band name Core 10 (named after rust resistant grade 588 steel)!!

MORE GREAT NEWS- We are lucky enough to have none other than renowned graphic artist from REMETEE, and AFFLICTION Brett R. Makowski designing the album cover!!! We are so happy to be working with Brett on this and you should all go check out his work at www.brettmakowski.com !! Now for the progress report...All the tracking is completed!!! Sean and Duncan were in the studion with mega-engineer/drill sergeant/most patient man in the world Darian Rundall, and Legendary producer/Field general/good cop Ronnie King all weekend and have improved what were already good songs into great songs!!! These two guys are some of the legitimate powerhouses of the industry, they know what they want from us and demanded/recieved next level standards of performance/timing!! Prepare yourselves for new twists, and directions on some of the songs you were previously familiar with!! Check out these links to see their body of work...

http://www.allmusic.com/artist/darian-rundall-mn0000679894 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronnie_King

Brace and Steve finished up the guitar solos over the wekend as well, and upon listening to the rough cuts on some of the tracks we have...it's safe to say this album will blow everyone away!!!

Next up...mixing/mastering!!! We are incredibly happy with how everything is going so far and cant wait to hear/share with you all the finished product!!

We also have had to push back the date of recieving our physical copies to January...We apologize for the delay and the rewards for our contributers will be issued at at that time!!

Thanks again to all of you for all of your support through this!!!!

Core 10 new album Listening/Holiday Party!!

Core 10 is pleased to announce "The Core 10 untitled new album listening/Holiday party" at Gallaghers in Huntington Beach December 28th!! Come celebrate the holidays with Core 10 as we play the entire untitled new album LIVE in its entirety in the intimate setting of our favorite HB Bar, Gallaghers!! Including the new version of sucker punch, as well as the brand new song Honey for the first time ever!! This will be our last show of the year and possibly the only show we will play until 2014!! Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 28th and ending our 2013 concert schedule with a bang!!!

Core 10 with 2 tracks included in the new Crusty 17 DVD!!

Core 10 is pleased to announce that we have 2 tracks oncluded in the new Crusty Demons DVD soundtrack for Crusty 17!! Make sure to check it out at wwwcrusty.com!!!


Thanks again and much love to all who were able to contribute to the new album and our recording...for those of you who did, your prizes will be coming as soon as we complete the album and get out physical copies...we are hopefull that will be by late December!! Quick update on our progress...the drum tracks are complete!! Paul was able to handle the strict requirments of getting all his tracks nails while at Screaming Leapord studios (Fletcher from Pennywise studio) which he handled On Oct 25th...Darian Rundall (The Master) got the drum tracks hitting on all cylindars and they sound extremely fat and the band is very happy with them!! The guitar tracks from both Steve and Brace were completed as of today at Ronnie King's ranch and they came out insane...both guitarists were held to Darian and Ronnie's standards and there is no doubt this album is going to be insane...Next up are the bass tracks which we are hoping to do as soon as Darian and Ronnie are finished cleaning up and adding the finishing touches on the guitar tracks!!! We will be dropping you the updates of both the bass tracking session as well as the vocal tracking soon!!! THanks again to you all and we cannot wait to show you guys how well this is going!! Many thanks to all involved and especially to you the CORE 10 ARMY!!!!